Situated along the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy, the Aman Canal Grande recently saw George Clooney and his British barrister bride Amal Alamuddin tie the knot in a lavish fete with other celebs including Bill Murray, Cindy Crawford and Matt Damon. We find out what makes it so special:

aman gc.jpgPHOTO: The piano nobile dining room overlooking the Grand Canal.

1. It is more than five centuries old
The Palazzo Papadopoli, which houses the hotel, is built in 1550 by the sculptor and architect Gian Giacomo de Grigi. He is also credited for working on the reconstruction of the Church of S. Giorgio Maggiore with a team of fellow architects.

aman gc2.jpg
PHOTO: The reception hall.

2. You can see the Swiss Alps from one of its rooms!
It’s no surprise that the Aman boasts stunning views from its rooms, but there’s more. Guests who head to the hotel’s roof terrace, the Altana, will also get to enjoy the beautiful rooftop views of the city, and the Alps in the distance.

aman gc4.jpgSOURCE:

3. It offers 24 rooms tinged with history
Some of them feature protected frescos and views of the canal from lauded painters such as Giovanni Battisa Tiepolo, who is described as the “greatest decorative painter of 18th century Europe”.

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