1. Call your parents and those who matter
If your parents and close friends aren’t already in on the secret, call them. They’ll want to share in on your happiness, and it’s only nice if they know before you announce anything on your social media pages

2. Insure the ring
You don’t want to be caught in a costly situation where you’ve lost your ring (touch wood!), the gem fell out, or damaged it and require expensive repairs. Companies such as the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies and Charles Art/Insurance offer such services. Just be sure to check the coverage (most companies cover stolen cases), so you don’t get a rude shock should something really happen.

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3. Get it resized (optional)
Unless you’ve both been discussing marriage and have already begun ring shopping, chances are, he’s not going to know your size unless he’s been sneaking around your jewellery box. If your new bling is too big/small for you, try to get it resized as soon as you can. After all, one of the more exciting things about being engaged, is being able to show off your new ring, right?

4. Get a manicure (optional)
Once he’s put the ring on it, everyone’s going to want to get a good look at the bling (and your hands). It’s best if you head to your trusted manicurist and get a pretty colour (nude or neutral polishes usually work best) which complements your new accessory.

5. Start a wedding savings account
It’s easier to plan your wedding finances if you have all your sums together in an account. It saves you the trouble of having to keep track who’s been paying for what. Just agree on a sum to deposit in every month, and pay for all wedding-related expenses from that account. If you and your fiance aren’t splitting things evenly, work it out in the amount you will be putting into the account.

6. Apply for a flat (if you haven’t already!)
This is such a Singaporean thing to do, and there are three ways. You either apply for a flat first, then propose, vice versa, or worse: propose by asking if you want to apply for a flat. Either way, if you’re living in Singapore, chances are, you’ll be looking at HDB flats to begin your marital life (unless if you’re rolling it in, then you may consider landed or private properties). 

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7. Save the date, and plan your budget
Before you begin anything else, try to determine your date as soon as you can. Not only will you field off “when is it happening” questions from excited friends and family, you’ll be able to get started on looking for venues and other vendors as well. Likewise, try to fix your budget, as it will narrow the focus on the things you want to have and do at your celebrations. 

8. Discuss priorities
Before planning, sit your fiance down and discuss both your priorities at the wedding. Again, it will help anchor the focus of your celebrations, and prevent you from getting lost when you’re knee-deep in wedding prep further down the road. 

9. Start your research!
One of the most exciting things about planning a wedding, is envisioning your perfect celebration, which includes the dress, the groom waiting for you at the end of the aisle, the flowers… basically all things romantic and beautiful. Most brides we know head to wedding magazines (we’re available on news stands and major bookstores!), wedding blogs, newsletters and Pinterest for inspirations, but we also recommend looking out for vendor reviews on forums, so you’ll get a better idea of what to expect. 

10. Relax!
It’s an oft-repeated piece of advice, but we can’t stress this enough. Take this time and enjoy your newly-engaged status. It will only happen during this brief period of time (between your relationship and the days leading up to the wedding), and you’ll never get it back. See these creative ways to make planning a much easier process and 5 ways for a stress-free planning process.

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