white at ease june 2014_1.jpgLace and satin gown, from MY DREAM WEDDING. Suit and shirt, from RICO-A-MONA. All accessories, stylist’s own. PHOTO: Her World Brides June – August 2014.

Here at Her World Brides, we think proposal stories are just as important as the actual day’s events. We doubt we’re the only ones too – it’s probably one of the first few questions asked when you make your engagement announcement to loved ones.

Here, the ones that stood out.

samantha tuan.jpgPHOTO: Tinydot Photography/Her World Brides June – August 2015

A heartfelt proposal
Tuan’s proposal was a surprise. We’d been together for 18 months. He had my family and his gather in our Melbourne home, and even got my best friend on Facetime. I thought we were alone when he asked me to look into the Thermomix (food processor) where there was a box with a fake ring. Just as he was about to propose, everyone burst into the kitchen in excitement. It was only later that he got down on bended knee and asked me properly when we were finally alone. – Samantha Goh

PHOTO: One Eye Click/Her World Brides December 2015 – February 2016

99 roses and a private moment by the beach
The proposal was magical and very romantic. Evan proposed when we were holidaying in Pattaya, Thailand. We were having dinner at sunset at the pavilion by the beach in Grand Central Pattaya. He certainly kept everything a secret! Everything was so surreal: the space was beautifully lit with tiny white candles, he had a bouquet of 99 red roses waiting, and a private butler served us a wonderful seafood dinner. Afterwards, he went on bended knee, presented the ring, and popped the question. I said yes, of course! – Cynthia Tan

PHOTO: TCW Photography/Her World Brides June – August 2015

Flights of fancy
Jason planned to propose at Changi Airport, when we returned from our trip overseas. He asked our close friends and family to witness the special occasion. But on the day itself, our flight was delayed, and he was so nervous, I thought he was ill! When he emerged from the toilet (he told me he had a tummy ache), he and his friends came with a bouquet of flowers, deflated helium balloons (which were no less sweet), and the ring. I definitely wasn’t expecting it (and was very underdressed for the occasion)! – Julye Lim

elisa erwan9.jpgPHOTO: Samui Pics/Her World Brides June – August 2015

Rooftop splendour
Erwan decorated our entire apartment in Paris with rose petals, and wrote three letters to me, which were attached to the front door, the one leading to our bathroom (where a hot bath with more rose petals waited for me) and bedroom (with a lot of photo albums to reminisce all our beautiful moments and trips). The letters guided me to each room, and eventually led me up the roof, where he waited with bended knee and champagne to celebrate our engagement. – Elisa Henzgen

DSC_9401 copy.jpgPHOTO: Yvonne Creative/Her World Brides June – August 2015

Tokyo drift
We were in Tokyo for a holiday, and I knew something was up that day as he left the hotel with his duffel bag, which was unusual for him. He finally proposed when we were in the Tokyo Sky Tree area in the evening. One minute I was taking pictures, the next I found him on his knees, shining a flashlight into my eyes (he was trying to take a video of my reaction). I was blinded and was laughing so hard, I couldn’t even see the card and ring he was holding! It turned out to be a beautiful handmade card featuring Super Mario and Princess Peach, asking if I would like to be his Player 2. The ring was also encased in a question block, Super Mario style. – Gayle Tan

eileen dean.jpgPHOTO: Lightedpixels/Her World Brides September – November 2013

Amazing Race
Dean planned a very elaborate and wonderful proposal on my birthday, and every detail was seen to – from the outfits picked out for me, down to the venues I was supposed to head to. He even arranged and coordinated with my friends to meet me for a manicure followed by lunch. My last stop: Capella Singapore, where he arranged for a pampering spa session, and a staycation. When I “completed” all my tasks, there he was, standing on the Amazing Race mat (which he bought from the show’s official site). He finally proposed with a very sweet handwritten letter and ring, and of course, I said yes. – Eileen Keng

PHOTO: Red Sphere Studios/Her World Brides September – November 2015

Dream come true
Cory had original plans of proposing on a tropical island getaway, but he was afraid of losing the ring en route. He ended up planning to propose during our trip to the US during the Christmas holidays. The night before the proposal, I actually dreamt he did! When I woke, I couldn’t shake the feeling, so I told him. He replied, “If only you were so lucky.” I was indeed! That night, we went to dinner and drinks at some of our favorite haunts in his hometown of Buffalo, New York, where he proposed. I don’t recall if I actually said “yes”, but my tears and smile must’ve given him a hint. – Katrina Stehle

PHOTO: Trouve/Her World Brides September – November 2015

Right at home
Patrick’s proposal caught me by surprise! He made plans with my girlfriends to take me out for coffee while he prepared dinner, and decorated our house with candles and flowers. When I got home, he played our song, and went on bended knee. I found out later, that he actually asked my parents’ permission for my hand in marriage a few months before. As I’m not big on grand or public proposals, this very intimate and romantic way was perfect. – Elsa Sim