Stunning invitation ideas

Invitations set the tone for your wedding, and these ones indicate luxe or romantic celebrations to come.

Like finding the perfect wedding dress, your invitation is another top priority. As it is the very first impression guests will have of your nuptials, the more personal your stationery, the more apparent it will be that you've set your heart on everyone having a memorable time.

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Gold trim and ornate patterns set the tone for a decadent party.
CLOCKWISE from top right: (Marone & Irene) Slide-in card with gold foil stamping on die-cut details, $1.20 upwards, laser-cut lace folder with card, from $1.80 each, and diamante-embellished tri-fold card with laser-cut details, $1.40 upwards, from WFORWEDDING. (Woei Wen & Pamela) Gold brocade-inspired invite and flat-printed save-the-date card with holder, from $1,000 for 100 sets, as well as (Jonathan & Charlene) rose gold letterpress baroque-inspired invite with envelope, plus thank you and reply cards, from $1,800 for 100 sets, from PAPYPRESS. Ceramic heart jewellery box and hand mirror, $88 and $172 respectively, from THE COTTAGE CRAFTS.

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If you love flowers - or are hvaing a garden party - theme your stationery around them. Consider romantic motifs and filigree patterns.
From top right: (Dana & Noeleen) Pink and blue invite with lined envelope, from $600 for 100 sets, (Lauren & Andre) letterpress orchid invite, from $680 for 100 sets, as well as(Yu Wei & Shin Wei) two letterpress lace and floral invites, plus printed map with belly band and lined envelope, from $2,000 for 100 sets, from PAPYPRESS. (Light blue) Tri-fold invite with laser-cut details, from $1.60, (White) embossed invite with satin ribbon, $0.80 upwards, (Beige S&J) invite with laser-cut folder, from $1.50, and (Lilac) tri-fold invite with die-cut lace details, $0.80, from WFORWEDDING.

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Typefaces or fonts allow you to be as traditional or modern as you want to be. For a black tie celebration, use elegant script fonts. Handwriting fonts work for a less formal party. You can also mix fancy with plain fonts or design your own monogram to reflect the reception.
From top right: (Steven & Ellen) Letterpress invite with envelope and (Andrew & Michelle) monogrammed letterpress invite with envelope, from $680 for 100 sets, plus thank you and RSVP cards, from $1,400 for 100 sets, from PAPYPRESS. (Sherlyn & Brandon) Calligraphy invite with lined envelope, $5 per set, and (Sean & Christine) invite, $2, as well as vintage floral invite with lined envelope, $4 per set, and save-the-date card, $1.50, from WWW.THEPAPERBUNNY.COM. (Gold) slide-in card with satin ribbon, $1.20 upwards, and (white-and-green) laser-cut tri-fold invite, from $1.20, from WFORWEDDING.

This article was first published in Her World Brides September - November 2014. More wedding ideas here.