PHOTO: Frenchescar Lim/Her World Brides June 2015

The pictures look romantic and breezy, and sometimes even glamorous and grand; but the truth is doing an outdoor shoot requires lots of patience, preparation and sometimes pain endurance. Depending on where you are planning to shoot, the location will determine how difficult, or easy, the task will be.

PHOTO: Steve Thio/@herworldbrides

Having shot at 6-star beach resorts in the Maldives and monasteries atop mountains in Bhutan, here are some tips on how to get better prepared for an outdoor shoot:

Stay hydrated
Depending on where you are, sometimes accessibility to drinking water is hard to find. Always bring bottles of mineral water along with you on the trip as being outdoors and under the hot sun can cause dehydration easily, especially if you’re dressed in a ballgown! It would also be advisable to have portable toilet facilities or ‘accessories’when u urgently need to go! You can get some of the ‘accessories’ at a travel shop.

Changing outdoors
A sheet of lightweight cotton fabric is the best to shield you from prying eyes in case you need to adjust or change out of your gown in the open.  If you have booked a van for your transport needs, the cloth will also come in handy if the van doesn’t come with curtained windows. There are also portable changing ‘tents’ available online so you may check with your photographer if he has one.

PHOTO: Steve Thio/ @herworldbrides

Stacks of towels
If you are wearing a gown with a big skirt, you may want to bring along a few medium size towels that can be stacked into a pile for you to stand on.  When shooting in the great outdoors there are places where posing in heels would be almost impossible ie. soft, sandy beaches or rocky terrains. My solution is have the model/bride stand barefoot on the stack of towels for added height instead of using heels.  It’s not only more comfortable for posing but allows for height adjustments easily. The stack will be covered by the skirt of your gown.  

Umbrellas, rain or shine
Always have up to three umbrellas for your outdoor shoot: one for the groom and two for yourself and the gown! The umbrellas will keep you cool and prevent sunburns if you’re shooting on a sunny day. The brollies can also help provide shade in case the light is too harsh for picture taking.

Insect repellent
To deter ants, mosquitoes and other creepy crawlies! 

PHOTO: Steve Thio/@herworldbrides

And lastly… a positive and can-do attitude!
When shooting outdoors and overseas, anything can happen.  The best laid plans will never guarantee a seamless experience – expect the unexpected! So it’s best to go with an open mind and try out alternative arrangements and solutions. Remember, it’s the experience that matters; if you have a good time, the pictures will reflect that.