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What is it about Tiffany & Co. that makes it the quintessential symbol of engagement rings?
Bridal jewellery continues to be a major part of our business. One reason for this is the fact that many customers have purchased or received Tiffany gifts – all produced with the same high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Tiffany has offered for over 178 years – throughout their lives.

Our founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany, a diehard romantic himself, introduced the legendary Tiffany Setting in 1886. It is still the most iconic and beautiful engagement ring the world has ever seen – and the ultimate declaration of lifelong love and commitment.

In fact, it is the first ring of its kind. At once classic and contemporary, elegant and truly timeless, it is instantly recognizable by its six-pronged platinum setting that elevates a diamond to showcase its glorious brilliance and beauty.

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We love the concept of Tiffany’s What Makes Love True social media campaign. What was the idea behind it?
Tiffany has long been a major presence at engagements and weddings. It was time we nurtured a presence online via the What Makes Love True iPhone app, which complements the microsite.

Both are designed as the go-to guide to matters of the heart for romantics, and encourage lovers to share their love stories, supported by videos, romance tips, movies and songs, plus favourite romantic locations and engagement tips.

Visitors will also find tips from madly lovestruck couples gleaned from Tiffany’s 178 years as an expert on the subjects of love and romance.


Tiffany recently introduced the Will You campaign highlighting the different stages of a modern couple’s relationship. How does this evoke the spirit of a Tiffany romance?
The impactful scenes convey that modern love is not linear, but comes in a variety of forms; there’s no longer just one traditional path to marriage.But what has remained consistent are the symbol partners choose to express their commitment to each other  – a Tiffany ring – and the unifying theme, where they ultimately acknowledge that this person is the one, now and forever. 

The global campaign includes video, digital and social components designed to reach consumers across multiple channels. And, just as every relationship in the campaign is unique, so are Tiffany’s diverse engagement rings and wedding bands. Each has a singular beauty and timeless design that set it apart, and make wearers want to cherish it for a lifetime.


Are there any romantic and surprising real life experiences that have happened in your stores?
Yes, we’ve had many requests for proposals and celebrations in Tiffany stores around the world. Here’s one from Singapore: A customer planned to surprise his girlfriend with a lovely proposal using Tiffany’s Valentine’s Day window display.

On the eve of Valentine’s, they were walking towards the store entrance when something in the window display caught the girlfriend’s eye. It was a sparkling diamond engagement ring with a handwritten note addressed to her. It said “Will you marry me?”

As she was reading this, her boyfriend went down on one knee and proposed. They celebrated with a champagne toast in our private salon, where a violinist serenaded them with love songs.

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What makes the Tiffany diamond exceptional?
Here’s what I’d stress to anyone looking to purchase a diamond engagement ring: It is very important to do so from a reputable brand such as Tiffany, which is known for offering the finest and rarest quality stones.

We pride ourselves on the superior quality and craftsmanship of all of our mountings. A stone of the finest quality combined with superb mounting makes for a ring that will remain perpetually beautiful.

The superlative beauty of Tiffany engagement diamonds can be explained by the strictest quality standards that far exceed the popular but oversimplified 4Cs (cut, clarity, colour and carat weight).

Tiffany frequently rejects stones other jewellers may find acceptable. In fact, fewer than 0.02 per cent of the world’s stones actually become Tiffany diamonds. We use a unique series of measurements we call Presence, which includes superior polish, symmetry and precision of cut to determine a diamond’s brilliance and beauty in profound ways.

Tiffany also maintains a state-of-the-art gemological laboratory with a staff of highly experienced gemologists who meticulously grade our diamonds. It is regularly certified by independent quality system auditors from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), and does not rely on third-party grading laboratory reports. 

What’s more, unlike the documentation that may accompany diamonds purchased elsewhere, the Tiffany Diamond Certificate has a Full Lifetime Warranty.

What are the more popular designs?
The classic solitaire, epitomized by the Tiffany Setting, will never go out of style. There are also customers who are attracted to nontraditional engagement rings with more than one diamond, coloured gems or fancy shapes.

In many parts of Asia, high-quality diamonds and gold settings are particularly well embraced. I find that customers trust and appreciate our expertise and legacy of quality craftsmanship so much that they are willing to try ring styles they may have never considered before.

This article was first published in Female Brides Issue 10.