Image: Zhang Ziyi/Weibo

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, 40, is allegedly reported to be pregnant with her second child with her husband, singer Wang Feng,47.  

The couple, who are proud parents to their three-year-old daughter, Xing Xing, have shared their hopes of having another child, with Wang Feng wanting a son.

China Press also reported that Ziyi has taken a break from work for the time being, in order to be properly rested during her pregnancy as she is in the high-risk bracket due to her age.

The actress was spotted with a baby bump at Beijing airport this month, and it is also speculated that she has already booked a room at a postnatal care centre.

Her appearance at the Canne Film Festival next month will be her last job before she goes on a break.

If this is true, then it is good news for the couple, who have expressed their wish for having two kids. “One to carry on each arm”, as Ziyi was quoted saying during the Chinese variety show, Wife’s Romantic Travels.

Image: The couple’s first family portrait with Xing Xing, back in 2015. Source: Zhang Ziyi/Weibo

She also shared that giving birth to her daughter was “the proudest moment of [her] life so far.”

All the best to the couple!