As if we didn’t have enough reason to love Tom Hanks already, the two-time Academy Award winner was jogging in New York City’s Central Park on Sept 26, 2016, when he stopped to convey his congratulations to this lucky couple, when they were taking their pre-wedding portraits in the park.


Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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The down-to-earth actor introduced himself, congratulated the elated (and surprised) duo, and even offered his services as an ordained minister “if the guy cancels” at his wedding. He even took a selfie with them and posted the picture on his own Instagram page.

The entire encounter was captured by Elisabeth and Ryan’s photographer, Meg Miller, and their videographer, First Day Films.

See the epic encounter and the couple’s response in the video below.

Tom Hanks Crashes Our Wedding from First Day Films on Vimeo.

Here, other celebrities who offered their congrats just as memorably.


Third wheel

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Taylor Swift
The Blank Space singer gave the best gift to one of her fans, when she showed up at their wedding in June 2016. Max Singer and Kenya Smith received the surprise of their lives when Taylor made a special appearance in response to a touching letter sent by Max’s sister, Ali. She also performed a stripped-down rendition of her hit song Blank Space, and presented Max and Kenya with a handmade gift.

During their holiday in Portofino, Italy, the singer and then-fiance Jay-Z made a surprise appearance at this couple’s wedding in a local church. Although she wasn’t dressed for the occasion, Beyonce graciously agreed to take a photo with the elated bride, which promptly went viral.

Jon Bon Jovi
The “I’ll Be There For You” rocker showed up to support bride Branka Delic at her wedding in Las Vegas, after she wrote him a note on Facebook, inviting him to the nuptials.

Steven Tyler
When Steven Tyler walked past this couple’s reception at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C., the opportunity to have a photo taken with him, was too good to pass up. The Aerosmith frontman and American Idol judge graciously agreed, and ended up taking several photos with the happy couple and their guests.

Photo: Reddit

John Travolta
The actor made this couple’s big day one to remember when he attended their wedding after meeting the duo in a bar the night before. The actor went on to take a few photos with the couple and their guests, and a few of them made the rounds courtesy of the groom’s friend’s post on Reddit.

Usain Bolt
When this Japanese couple spotted the world’s fastest runner during their wedding photo shoot in Paris, they apparently ditched their official photographer, and requested for a photo with the decorated Olympic medallist. The photo, which showed all three of them showing off Usain’s signature lighting bolt pose, was posted on his Instagram page.

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