Photo: Sohu 

Gate-crash games have been subject to being done in poor taste or worst, to the point of humiliation and injury. 

A bridegroom in Southern China is now suing his entourage over their wedding day hazing that left him hospitalized with multiple injuries, including a skull fracture, after getting hit by a car in his bid to escape their extreme antics. 

Ai Guangtao, the bridegroom in question, also faces a hefty insurance bill as the police is holding him responsible for the traffic accident. The car owner’s insurance company has demanded nearly 30,000 yuan (US$4,400) in damages. 

As part of the traditional ritual of wedding hazing, the 24 year old was tormented by his friends when he was on his way to pick up his bride at her house.  According to relatives who witnessed the hazing, items like eggs, beer and ink were thrown at Ai. 

Thereafter, he was tied up on an electric pole with plastic tape after being stripped down his underwear and hit by a bamboo stick.  

“I was so tortured on my wedding day that I got angry. They chased me, and I could barely see anything because there was ink all over,” Ai was quoted saying to

“Somehow, I ran to the motorway – even after that one of them was still chasing me.”

A car hit him and careered into a barrier and Ai was knocked to the ground, with one shoe landing several feet away. 

He spent the next two weeks in hospital instead of enjoying the start of his married life. 

Photo: Sohu 

“Now the insurance company is suing me, so I’ll have to sue my friends,” Ai said to the website. 

Before the legal dispute started, the bridegroom’s entourage admitted blame and raised more than 6,000 yuan (US$860) towards Ai’s medical bills. 

This is not the first time wedding hazing was taken too far. 

While the tradition dates back to thousands of years ago in China to chase away evil spirits, hazing remains popular in modern times.

Of late however, there’s been multiple cases of injuries and even death as a result of hazing, and widespread criticism of this tradition has grown.