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"We were both hungry and looking forward to McDonald’s for supper!” - Here's what newlyweds really think after the wedding

15 couples share what they felt after one of the biggest days of their lives.

From the wedding of Shuo Xian and Shauna, image by AndroidsinBoots

Believe it or not, we were both hungry and looking forward to McDonald's for supper! – Shuo Xian, 29, Project development 

I had some post-wedding blues. After the wedding ceremony that night, I was a bit upset that I didn't get to chat and drink with some of my close friends. – Pei Mei, 32, Associate beauty editor

When it was over..? My feet felt great! I had never wore heels for such long hours before. Well, as any married couple would attest to, after months of intense wedding planning, it was a huge relief that everything went smoothly. We are definitely still riding high on the love we felt that day. – Claire, 27, Self-employed  

From the wedding of Amanda and Lionel, image by Mosaic Studios

I felt absolutely exhausted, but also grateful that we spent the last 24 hours celebrating us. Was it the happiest day of my life? It was probably right up there with the day our son was born! – Amanda, Venture capitalist

I felt relieved and so happy to be a married man. – Danny, 35, Associate director

We felt so relieved! We went back to the hotel room, put on some music, drank and ate to our heart’s content, just laughing and talking about the crazy day we just had. We didn’t even change out of our outfits and I was in bedroom slippers. That’s another one of my favourite memories. – Carina, 28, Relationship manager

From the wedding of Sophia and Remi, image by Alex Goh Photography

Really? No excuse for me to wear again my wedding dress? – Sophia, 30, Post-graduate student

I wanted to do the solemnization all over again! It went by so quickly. We were just so happy! We also went to read each other's vows again just to relive the experience. – Derek, 32, Teacher

I wanted to relive it all over again! Halfway through our church ceremony, I turned to my husband and whispered that it was all flying by too fast and that I wished time would stand still right now. –Chelsa, 30, Civil servant

From the wedding of Mark and Andie, image by Colossal Weddings

Surreal, like life just took a turn in another direction -- a completely new journey that just started. – Mark, 32, Product manager

It's a shame it's over! There were plenty of joyful memories, and now we're making new ones as we take our first steps into married life. –Arthur, 32, Fintech industry

We felt we had a lot of fun! It was not as tiring or stressful as people said it would be. – Sharon, 30, Banker

From the wedding of Fiona and Khye, image by John15 Photography

We were completely exhausted but extremely overjoyed! We found ourselves reminiscing e the next couple of days about how everything went. We were just grateful for everything and our hearts were full! – Fiona, 30, Nurse

We were pretty relieved the day was done just because so much planning and coordination gone into it! We were still really busy for the week after – trying to catch up with as many friends and family as we could before they flew back home. We were sad it was over in a flash, but happy we could kick back and breathe! – Vannessa, 25, Business director

From the wedding of Yvonne and Luca, image by Kai Picture

Extremely relieved! It was such a whirlwind for us as we had to bring family from abroad around Singapore right up to the day before our wedding. And then we had the last leg of packing all of our luggage before heading off for our honeymoon the next day. – Yvonne, 24, Lawyer