When Chinese actors Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming got married in a civil ceremony in May 2015, word on the street was that the couple were planning a more lavish reception for 3,000 in Shanghai, China. Now that the wedding date has reportedly been set, the couple, who have kept relatively mum about their preparations, revealed their adorable wedding portraits and favours.

Here, the things we loved:



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Their wedding photos
You don’t have to get all stoic when it comes to taking traditional studio shots for your wedding. The couple wore traditional Chinese wedding costumes, but added their personal twist to it: large, round, hipster glasses for him, and fun peacock hair accessories for her.


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Their big hearts
According to Chinese entertainment news portal Jaynestars.com, the philanthropic couple gave away wedding pastries, cookies and other tidbits that were baked by the disabled people who were trained at a non-profit centre in Nanjing as favours to family, friends, and the media. That, to us, is a serious plus in our book (see how you can give back in other ways in this story!).

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The adorable illustrations
Before guests got to their favours, they first got a glimpse of what’s to come with the couple’s illustrations, which adorned their wedding stationery.

If this is an indication of things to come at their wedding, we can’t wait to see pictures of it already!