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Melbourne – Serena Williams likes to keep her private life just that, but she was happy to reveal Monday that meeting her now fiance, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, was just like a “fairytale”. The American tennis queen broke news of her impending nuptials with a poem in late December (in 2016) on her Reddit account, after the 33-year-old Ohanian popped the question in Rome.

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Williams, 35, has been dating Ohanian since 2015, after a chance meeting at a restaurant in the Italian capital.

“Literally by chance. It was just – I was sitting down, and he sat next to me,” Williams said, adding that nobody introduced them.

“Yeah, that doesn’t happen anymore, right? I live in a movie and in a fairytale in my mind, so I guess eventually it was bound to happen.”

Last month, the couple returned to the same table at the same restaurant, where Ohanian proposed. Asked if the wedding would be in Italy, Williams was noncomittal.

“I don’t know. I love Italy, though.” (she can take her references from celebrity couples Iman and David Bowie, as well as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Italian celebrations here.)

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