Taiwanese singer Yoga Lin, 29, got married to his wife, Kiki Ting, 32, in the loveliest woodlands-themed solemnisation ceremony in Karuizawa, Japan, in front of 30 family and friends, including members of S.H.E and Yoga’s good friend, Taiwanese singer Xiao Yu.

Kiki, who previously studied in Japan for years, also invited a few of her Japanese friends to the intimate affair.

Standing before a treehouse, the couple exchanged heartfelt, handwritten vows while they each tried to hold back their tears.

Yoga first shared his vows to his wife saying (in Mandarin):

“Today, we are surrounded by our family and friends, blessing us with their well-wishes and presence and therefore making this day the least lonely we’ve ever been in our lives.

It seems… being constantly on the verge of tears, is something one cannot help but feel during their wedding.

The past year has been a hectic journey for the both of us, with our individual work schedules, the moving of our home, and the seemingly never-ending demands of life. It has been hard on you my wife, but today is finally here.

I used to hear from others that in the days leading up to the wedding, most couples would face friction and conflicts. However, whenever we got into a quarrel, I realised that, after I had calmed down, I was more certain than ever that the person I wanted as my lifelong companion is you.

We are originally two very different people. I’m too emotional, while you’re more logical. But, I really like that we are different in this way.

Because of you, I’ve learnt to approach life with a different mindset. I have been able overcome obstacles I couldn’t have on my own. Because you’re my partner, I’ve come to better understand my weaknesses.

Thanks for trusting me and choosing to be my life partner. I will learn to be a good husband to you and hope to be a person who can bring happiness to you in this lifetime.”

Fighting back her tears, Kiki took her turn with her vows, saying to Yoga:

“You’re the kindest person I’ve ever met. Your kindness and sincerity are qualities I would want to protect, alongside your dreams.

Being able to become one of the driving forces supporting your dreams, is something that I’m happy to be, and am proud of. In the future, I will always support you, and give you the strength that you need.

I often thought of myself as a black hole. Actually, you seem like a black hole too. But two black holes can see the light in each other’s eyes.

Thanks for appearing in my life. When I was down and out and pushing away the rest of the world, you held on tight to me and never gave up on me.

You gave me hope, and now, you’re giving me a home as well.

While life won’t get easier just because we are together, I feel that going through the highs and lows of life together is the greatest meaning of life and I will stay by your side throughout. I will always love you.”

Lunch took place in a chic, rustic-styled buffet reception within the lush surroundings of the forest, with Yoga and his buddies performing a dance cover of BIGBANG’s ‘Bang bang bang’, causing Kiki to burst in laughter.


The couple also had a star-studded dinner banquet celebration on June 26 at Le Meridien, Taipei, with close to 400 family and friends in attendance.

Taiwanese entertainer Mickey Huang was the wedding emcee while Sung Xiaoyu and Claire Kuo were the best man and maid of honour.

Their banquet ballroom was festooned with green and white foliage and blooms, as both Yoga and Kiki are nature lovers.

During their interview with the media before their banquet ceremony, Yoga shared that his wife was upset that he didn’t win Best Mandarin Male Singer at the Golden Melody Awards.

However, he shared saying that while he “may not have won the award that would have made [him] happy for some time, today [he] has married someone who will accompany [him] for the rest of his life, so [he’s] really happy”.


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Images from: Hebe Tien/Facebook, HIM International Music

Video courtesy of: HIM International Music