In June, Lin Chi-ling sprang a surprise when she announced her marriage to Japanese actor and singer Akira.PHOTO: AKIRA / INSTAGRAM, LIN CHI-LING / INSTAGRAM

Lin Chi-ling’s husband Akira posted recently that he had important news to announce in September.

While that did not come about, there are now reports of the couple holding an intimate wedding on Nov 17 in Tainan in Taiwan.

Tainan is her father’s home town.

According to Apple Daily, about 100 relatives and friends have been invited to a ceremony in the afternoon, with a party scheduled for the evening.

Taiwanese model Lin, 44, in a statement issued via her agency, said she is “really sorry that we aren’t able to invite everyone”.

She added that she chose to hold the wedding in Tainan because ” I would like to share the same memories as my parents”.

In June, Lin sprang a surprise when she announced her marriage to Japanese actor and singer Akira, 38.



Then, word had it that she married in a hurry because her mother was not in good health and that she wanted to see Lin marry in her lifetime. 

On her big day on Nov 17, guests are likely to check for signs of pregnancy, with recent reports that Lin had visited a fertility clinic.

In September, her father had told media that he had asked her if she is in the family way but she said no.

“But the two of them are very healthy, so I am not worried,” he said, adding that Lin had told him that there was no rush to start a family and that she and Akira were busy. 

She indicated in the past that she would like to have twins.

Even though she has said that career would take a back seat after marriage, she has still been spotted regularly at functions and promotional events.

Akira has been busy with commitments in Japan.

Lin has many fans in China and the wedding should also win points for Akira there.

Her announcement of her tying the knot in June apparently did not go down well with some folk there because Akira is Japanese, and memories of the Japanese occupation of China in World War II still linger.

For the Nov 17 event, Lin, who has earned kudos with her charitable initiatives, reportedly does not want hongbao but is okay with guests giving her sensible gifts.

Expect some guests to turn up with baby items then.

This story was originally published on The Straits Times