Photo by Said & Meant

“Vincent and I wanted two shoots for our wedding portraits – one that took place in a forest setting, with us in a gown and suit, and another of us in a more casual street style.

We knew our photographers, Kenneth Lee of Said & Meant and Jessica Lim of Androidsinboots, were very experienced with these themes, so working with them was a breeze.

On top of that, we had an indoor studio shoot with Love Story Wedding Boutique that was one of my prizes for being chosen as Her World Brides Cover Brides contest winner last year.” 

Said & Meant

“We both love nature so we did a shoot at Coney Island.  We also knew that Kenneth was the right person to capture that intimate side of us. 

I was actually sick at the time, but he made it so easy and relaxing that I forgot that I wasn’t feeling well.”


“Our casual shoot with Jessica was a breeze as she’s also a friend.

She captured many natural moments, which we absolutely love.” 

Love Story Wedding Boutique

“The gowns and makeup by Love Story Wedding Boutique were done so beautifully! 

It was a refreshing change from our usual selves.”

Tips & advice from the couple!

“Don’t let yourself become stressed. Try to loosen up and have fun. The photos will turn out beautifully if you are truly enjoying the moment.

It’s also important to meet with your photographers and be comfortable with them ahead of your photo session. 

No matter how much you love their work, if there is no chemistry between you, the photos may not be up to your expectations.”