For the March – May 2017 issue of Her World Brides, we’ve got local songstress and actress Cheryl Wee on board for the cover! The 29 year-old shares with us more about her fiance Roy Fong.

When did you know Roy was the one? 

Hahha there are so many instances. One of them was when I was down with dengue fever and he had to enlist into BMT in Tekong in a few days time. Instead of spending it having fun and his freedom, he was with me all day. On one particular day, I was curled up in bed and it was raining heavily outside. He sat next to my bed and played Somewhere Over The Rainbow on his guitar, until I fell asleep.

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What’s the one thing you love about him most?

There are more than one! Roy has an amazingly huge heart to love me and my family so much he always puts us before himself. He’s always ensuring everyone is included and happy before he considers about his preferences or needs or space. Whenever I’m away for long periods, he’ll either be home Skyping with me or with my family.



How did he propose?
Propose to be his girlfriend or wife? Both were pretty epic in its own way haha. As for how he proposed for the wedding, it’s a secret for now. My family and Roy have embargoed the video and storyline until the actual wedding day. So you’ve got to tune in! 



magical awakening shoot to welcome the cheeky chicky year with lots of luuurrvvveeee in de air 

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With Cheryl on the set of the cover shoot!

Cover photo photography: Frenchescar Lim

Styling: Steve Thio, assisted by Ashley Phan

Hair: Grego Oh, using La Biosthetique@Glamour Salon System

Makeup: Peter Khor, using Clarins 

Jewellery: Goldheart Jewelry 

Gown: Digio Bridal 

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