Yet another wedding banquet? So maybe you’d like to bring something else to the table for your celebration, and still keep it wedding appropriate.

Here, 7 of our real couples share how they switch things up at their wedding, much to the pleasure of their guests! 

1. Wedding games and a skit 

Andie Chua and Mark Cheong, both 32, had a wedding banquet at Capella Singapore. 

“We skipped the cake cutting and champagne fountain and played wedding games (like the shoe game) instead. We chose not to do a second march-in, and instead danced in from backstage and enacted a skit of our daily life with a voice-over.

When you have a large guest list, it can be pretty hard to stand out if you don’t try and do things differently, so we broke away from tradition and decided not to worry about what people would say or think.” 

Image: Colossal Weddings

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2. A flower bar 

Chelsa Cher, 30 and Terence Tang, 33, had a splendorous pink and purple theme for their church and banquet celebration at Intercontinental Singapore with the help of Chere Weddings & Events.

“We were so excited over the idea of a flower bar while planning our decor. Thankfully our guests loved it as well.

The vases of flowers were first used to decorate our reception table at the church. It was then converted into a flower bar after our solemnisation, and guests were invited to pick out the flowers of their choice on the way out, which were then wrapped up by our florist and presented as a mini bouquet for them to take home.” 

Image: Trouve Photography


3. A tribute video to their families

Nixi Tan, 29, and Ng Hwee Sheng, 27, tied the knot with a luxe green and gold wedding at the Grand Hyatt Singapore.

“We surprised our families with a tribute video. Seeing them get all emotional while watching the video we had made for them ensured us that honouring our loved ones was definitely the right thing to do.”

Image: Caline Ng Photography

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4. An arcade claw machine filled with wedding favours 

Carina Lau and Paw Su Yuan had a starry themed wedding night at The St. Regis Singapore. 

“It was really important to us that our guests have fun and enjoy themselves, so we had an arcade machine filled with hand creams, lip glosses, nail polishes from Innisfree and Sally Hansen and chocolates at our reception. 

We also had a flower bar where guests could choose from a myriad of flowers and have them wrapped up in a bouquet to take home.”

Image: Bittersweet Photography

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5. A kids’ corner 

Lim Pei Mei and Khoo Yuan Jin enjoyed a garden-themed wedding at UNA at One Rochester.

“We knew that my family and friends would be bringing their kids to our wedding, so we prepared a kids’ corner with some colouring materials, lollipops and a chocolate dispenser machine to keep them entertained.”

Image: Kai Picture 

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6. Solemnisation with their furry pals

Janz Chan, 28, and Jeffrey Ng, 29, held their solemnisation at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals (SPCA) and walked down the aisle alongside with two of the shelter dogs. 

“It was a surreal moment, having Alibi and Timon – two dogs from SPCA, walk down the aisle with us. Both of us love animals and are frequent volunteers at the shelter. We took our ceremony as a chance to raise awareness among our guests about animal adoption and welfare.” 

Image: Sia Zheng Xiang

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7. Table arrangements as door gifts

Lin Yi Jun & Ignacio Asial elegant celebration at the Raffles Hotel Singapore was filled with lush leafy touches.

“We loved how our florist Justin managed to create such a lush ambience by just using leaves! Our guests took home the table arrangements they’d been admiring all afternoon as favours – best door gifts ever.”

Image: Samuel Goh Photography

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