Noor Mastura, 29, Community Content Creator, and educator Hannan Mian, 39, tied the knot with celebrations in Singapore and Surabaya, Indonesia after a three-year romance. 

(Read more about their love story, how they met and managing a long distance relationship in an exclusive interview with Her World Brides). 

They tell us more about beautiful solemnisation in Singapore, and an epic Royal Indian-themed bash in the lavish Hotel Majapahit Surabaya.


We had three different events: a solemnisation and reception for 100 that was organised and planned by my mum and sister in Singapore, and a three-day celebration for 70 guests I organised myself in Surabaya.

The solemnisation was so beautifully carried out and simply divine. We can’t find one word for it, but we felt a mixture of gratitude and immense love, and a certain calmness settle in our hearts.

The theme for Surabaya was Royal Indian and included activities such as games night and a farewell brunch after the festivities. 


The pretty pastel-themed setting and decorations at Faber Peak Singapore.

For the Singapore celebration, the bride’s mum and sister chose a macaron tower instead of a wedding cake. Everyone had one!


“Seeing Hannan at the ceremony was so surreal,” says Mastura. “I really thought I wouldn’t get the jitters because we’d seen each other the night before – but I did, anyway!”


“The solemnisation is one of the most sacred ceremony in our religion, so we experienced a really powerful feeling,” says the bride.

“A certain calmness settled in our hearts during the solemnisation,” says the bride.


My mum designed the dress for the solemnisation ceremony and had it made in India. It was a gorgeous embroidered and sequinned number with a veil that took eight people to complete.

For the Singapore reception, my sister found a bridal boutique whose designer creates all the dresses. I wanted a simple, elegant lace dress I could easily move around in, and which allowed me to dance, carry my niece and move around easily.

The designer showed me three dresses and I knew exactly which one I wanted – a gorgeous flowy dress with French lace. She added a long veil and it was stunning. I wore Adidas sneakers for my wedding as I didn’t want to to torture myself with heels. (Also read: 10 sparkly wdeding-worthy flats for your festive celebrations)


For the Indonesia wedding, I wanted a style that had the perfect balance of simple elegance that conjures images of Indian royalty, complete with accents and touches. I also wanted to be able to dance and jump around in my outfit, so it couldn’t be too heavy.

My superstar wedding planner of a sister found a selection at Mastani Bridal House, and as I knew exactly what I liked, it didn’t take us long to find the perfect, two-piece lehenga in a light gold and a baby-ink shawl. The embroidery was baby pink as well. And it was lightweight.


Noor getting ready for the grand entrance to her ‘Royal Indian’ celebration at Hotel Majahapit, Surabaya.

All dressed up in their wedding finery!


We curated the menu of local international dishes for Surabaya with the Majapahit Hotel chef. We actually flew in two weeks before the wedding to ensure the menu and dishes would be perfect!

The food at the Surabaya celebration was served rijsttafel-style – just as it was for Dutch royalty of the past.


There were many memorable moments. We especially loved all the time we had with family and guests. The day after the solemnisation reception in Singapore was Eid, which we celebrated with Hannan’s family and friends from London.


The couple held a games night on the eve of the wedding. The dress code was black and gold, and all came dressed accordingly!
A fun portrait of the couple and both their families.
Before our celebration in Surabaya, both our families flew there for sightseeing and great food. We were also pleasantly surprised by the group performance by our families and friends. It was hard to believe that they were from different continents and ad only met a week before the wedding. 

Somehow, they secretly managed to rehearse and showcase a full-blown dance. It was also heartening to know that so many people flew in from all over the world – London, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, and more – to be with us. 

And everyone got on so well! We now have a whatsapp group and are planning a destination reunion next year!



At the end of the night, each guest released a lit balloon.


I should have told myself to just not worry about anything at the start. Like not even spend a second thinking about anything. I had the most amazing support from my family. Everything was just perfect.



I’m uploading all my wedding tips on my Instagram! Most importantly, I would advise brides not to stress. I know some couples take a year or more to plan their wedding, but I only started only six months beforehand and it went smoothly. (Also read: 8 time-saving wedding planning tips for busy brides)

A wedding should  be a fun experience because you are, in a way, planning a party for your family and best friends; people who will love you no matter what happens.


Wedding Checklist

The Ballroom, Faber Peak Singapore (Singapore solemnisation and reception)
Hotel Majapahit Surabaya (Indonesian celebrations)
For the bride and groom: Nawwarah Bridal (Singapore)/
Mastani Bridal Couture (Indonesia) 
Hair & makeup
Nawwarah Bridal (Singapore)
Photographer & videographer
Colossal Weddings
Faber Peak Singapore and Flos Design & Decoration (Indonesia)
Wedding planner
Noor Zahiraah (+65 8161-1411)
Cake and wedding favours
TWC Inspirations (+65 8498-8050)
Jitenram Kiran Bala (+65 8748-1754)
Special Thanks
The staff at Faber Peak Singapore and Hotel Majahapit Surabaya
This story was originally published in Her World Brides Dec 2019.