It’s so easy to take for granted the things our partners do, so it is always nice to be able to appreciate and affirm the love and effort they put in – be it in your marriage or parenthood.

This was exactly what some Singaporean women did via Dayre – a microblogging app.

A hashtag, #marrytheperson, was started by Pearlyn Kim of Pearlyn and Paper, and it soon caught on with other users on the platform who also shared about their awesome modern-day husbands.

From genuinely romantic gestures to practical everyday heroics, we thought the entries made as great reference for qualities appreciated in a life partner!

So for those wondering if your SO is right one for you, here a few cues from these real-life couples:

Photo by Jon Asato on Unsplash


#marrytheperson who…

…wakes up earlier in the mornings to take care of the kids just so you can sleep in a little longer.

…tells you that he’s worrying with you and it will be okay no matter what happens.

…has his Amazon delivery boxes filled with diapers, breast pads, floor detergents apart from his PS4 game.

…will roll his eyes at you taking pictures of your food but never fails to agree to be your #instagramhusband.

…whose idea of the best life is having you and the kids around, no matter where he goes.



#marrytheperson who…

…lets you take up 7/8 of the bed cause he can’t bear to roll you over and wake you up.

…when he’s away, will text you every morning, the second he wakes up, just to tell you good morning and that he misses you.

…whose eyes you search for in a crowd and when you find it, your heart stops for a moment.

…is the most logical person you know, but will give in to your emotional arguments every single time.

…has kept all his promises to you and never broken any.



#marrytheperson who…

…wants to spend every day with you. There’s no such thing as too busy; if you want to meet someone, you make time for them. 

…loves and respects your family. And they love him too!

…makes it a point to check out new date places and restaurants so we can have date night.

…never lets you doubt the relationship.



Photo by Tùng Lê Bá on Unsplash


#marrytheperson who…

…accepts your Harry Potter addiction and uses “Potter language” with you. HAHAHA

…would say no to your risky decisions, but tells you “Eventually, if you still decide to do it, I will support you”.

…cooks you dinner and says you have to wash the dishes, but would still pick up the dishes and wash them anyway.

…knows you better than you know yourself.



#marrytheperson who…

…loves your family like his own, lavishing on them with food and gifts whenever possible. 

…doesn’t stop you from going out, even though the logistics to arrange for both kids to be cared for is tedious. 

…never fails to flirt with you, telling you that you’re beautiful even after two kids. 



#marrytheperson who…

…laughs at all the silly things that only you will laugh at.

…wakes up to make breakfast so you get to sleep in a little longer.

…lets you buy all the Zara in the world, but doesn’t own a piece of Zara clothing in his wardrobe

…says thank you for staying home and looking after the kid. Who says you are doing the real work, and make earning money outside look easy – this means a lot; especially when you clearly know and have experienced first-hand that his work is anything but easy.



Photo by Farsai Chaikulngamdee on Unsplash


#marrytheperson who…

…is proud of everything you do, even though they might be very insignificant to you.

…plans for your special occasions and gets very excited about the dinner location.

…waits an hour for you to end work without any complaints just because you had last minute work to do

…works very hard for the future and tells you that his goal in life is that he will earn enough such that you do not need to work.



#marrytheperson who…

…tells you his biggest dreams and goals, and all of it includes you being a part of it.

…makes you laugh with the silliest joke, or cheers you up with absurd self-made dances.

…wakes up from his snoring self at your slightest stir or call.

…loves you more than he loves himself.



#marrytheperson who…

…updates you with what he is doing and who is he out with when you are not with him to assure you. 

…makes an effort to ask you how is your day, what you are doing, are you eating well and how the girls are treating you when he is working. 

…tells you he appreciates you and that you are a great mother and an awesome wife. 



#marrytheperson who…

…puts his family on top priority over everything else.

…doesn’t mind coming home to help wash a sink filled with dirty pots, plates and cups after a long day at work.

…looks after the kid all by himself and still brings her to visit your family when you are away on long work trips.

…never turns down your absurd request every single time.