Josiah and his then girlfriend (and now wife) Tricia. The two tied the knot last year with an intimate wedding surrounded by close friends and family.  

In a Facebook post that has garnered over 1.3K likes since it was uploaded on Tuesday, this couple shows why a wedding ( in this case, a proposal) shouldn’t just be all about the most lavish celebration or the fanciest diamond ring – it’s truly about sharing your life with your other half, and the love and care that goes into the relationship.

 Atop a mountain, high above the clouds, Josiah Ng knelt down and proposed to his girlfriend Tricia with a rock from the mountain ( she said she hated diamond rings), and was genuinely surprised, and moved to tears when she knelt down with him and accepted his proposal. Read his full post, here: 

In the months before I proposed, you said, “I hate diamond rings.”It put me on edge because I had already chosen a…

Posted by Josiah Ng on Monday, March 21, 2016