How did you meet?

Biyi and I were primary school classmates and fellow prefects.

We met again at a primary school class reunion that she organised, and we started hanging out in a group. Nothing happened then, as we both went overseas for work after that.

In 2009, we were back in Singapore, and met up again in a group gathering. This time, sparks flew between us, and we started dating.

Biyi adds: “Our relationship didn’t have an easy start. If not for Gerald’s persistence and love, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

He has been my best supporter all these years, and I am very grateful to have him by my side.” 

Items for the hair-combing ceremony symbolising the bride’s and groom’s transition into adulthood. 

 “I was very excited and thrilled that our day had finally arrived after so many months of preparation.” – Gerald    

“I was pretty nervous before seeing Biyi, and I wasn’t confident about making it past the gatecrashing games!

But I had tremendous support from my brothers, and eventually got to receive and kiss my beautiful bride.”

What was your proposal like? 

Biyi has always admired the romantic ambience and architecture of The Clifford Pier at The Fullerton Bay Hotel, so I decided to propose there.

My plan was to do it by the pier at sunset after having high tea. I designed a bespoke proposal ring, prepared 99 roses, a video montage, and roped in her family to help.

It rained that day, so I led her to the Al Fresco Bar instead. Everything went well!

We even received applause and congratulatory handshakes from the wait staff and the other curious diners.

Biyi left her cascading bridal bouquet in the creative hands of Floral Magic, and it included her favourite calla lilies in maroon red.

The couple wore traditional Chinese wedding attire for their morning festivities.

Share with us your wedding theme and celebration!

Biyi said: “We wanted our wedding to be fun, and most importantly, to be us. I initially felt lukewarm about the wedding prep, as weddings are usually sweet and romantic affairs.

But when Gerald suggested that we could hold a huge Halloween party for our actual day, I got very excited about it as Halloween is my favourite special occasion.

We decided on a chic Halloween-themed party with a black, white, blood-red, silver and gold palette that was moody and glamorous.” 

The solemnisation setting at Waterview Room at Gardens by the Bay.

“Each of our guests received a goodie bag, and at the reception area, we prepared barrels of candies and chocolates for them to fill the bags with.

We also had a tattoo artist who did Halloween tattoos for those who were up for it!”

Guests sat down to a black table setting with accents of white, gold and red. 

How was the wedding planning process like?

We enjoyed designing and planning our wedding set-up under Flower Field Hall’s mesmerising ceiling lights.

It was hectic and tiring, but there was also a great sense of bliss, joy and pride.

Even though our wedding theme was non-traditional, we wanted to respect our Chinese wedding traditions and pay homage to them.

So we had our gatecrashing and tea ceremonies in the morning before our solemnisation and wedding banquet. 

The cute pageboy wearing a suit and bow for the march-in. 

What was the best part?

The best part of our celebration definitely had to be the balance we were able to achieve – the ability to celebrate our union of love in the special way we wanted, without compromising on the blessings of both our families.

Through planning our wedding together, we reached an even deeper understanding of each other.  

Biyi wore a statement black evening gown from Michelle Huimin Bridal Veil, while Gerald carried off a dashing maroon suit from The Men’s Club.

Black and red masks added some masquerade-inspired fun to the bridal party looks.

Any post-wedding thoughts and planning tips? 

Biyi said: “Plan the wedding-prep targets to be achieved each week, and prioritise your needs and wants. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself!

I was so immersed in the creative visualisation of our wedding that I wasn’t really thinking of how my skin would look, or if I should watch my weight!” 


Wedding Checklist

Solemnisation: Waterview Room at Gardens by the Bay; banquet: Flower Field Hall at Gardens by the Bay (6420-6848)

Gowns: Michelle Huimin Bridal Veil; suits: The Men’s Club (

Tinydot Photography (

Istudio Motion Pictures (

Floral Magic (

Cindy Lai from U-One Salon (6735-5933)

Janice Lai (

Wedding planner
Proj B Studio (

Pin Si Kitchen (

Special Thanks to
Our parents, whom we are very grateful to for their open-mindedness about our wedding decisions; our bridesmaids and groomsmen; the magnificent all-girls team from Proj.B Studio, Thi Bao Lam from Honey Nail, who flew in from Ho Chi Minh to do Biyi’s nails, as well as Ben Choo, our tattoo artist, who did tattoos for our guests.