“Sean and I knew each other through windsurfing in university and we were both actively involved. Naturally, I wanted a photo shoot that is unique to us and could tell our story. 

When I met Eugene from Bottled Groove Photography, my brief to him was to shoot us in action. However, the more I thought about it, the harder I thought it was to execute. After all, it was a wedding shoot and not an action sports shoot.

We browsed through engagement photos of surfers on Pinterest and prepared a mood board of what we had in mind, which Eugene then executed with his professional eye and creative concept.

Constant Wind Sea Sports Centre was where we spent the most time training during our school days. Without a doubt, it was the place we decided would be best to hold our shoot.

We recced the place and its surroundings with Eugene before the shoot, so that he could get a grasp of the layout and conceptualize the shots. The park near Constant Wind was also ideal for our formal shots in gown and suit.

The shots taken out at sea were the most challenging!

The conditions were perfect for a windsurfing session but terrible for a photo shoot. The waves were choppy and the current was so strong. We kept swimming to and fro, and we had to abandon our sails. Eugene and his associate sacrificed their cameras and braved the incoming waves to get the perfect shot. 

As for the photos with the board upright, Eugene’s associate was holding it from behind – unlike what we see on Pinterest – because it was just too heavy to stand on its own.

My makeup artist, Tracy Immanuel, was really attentive. She made sure that my hair was not in my face, combed my hair out and followed throughout – which I didn’t expect as I heard some stories of makeup artists leaving after doing the bride’s makeup and only coming back after to touch up. I was glad that I had Tracy, she’s a god-sent!”


“Look through their portfolios, take the time to meet your vendors and talk to them. Engage the ones that you feel comfortable with and fits your budget.

Concept wise, be sure to discuss with your photographer and communicate with them your ideas and expectations, and be open to their professional advice.

Most importantly, your wedding portraits should tell your story and relationship.”

Check out the rest of their gorgeous pre-wedding photos below: 

Photography: Bottled Groove Photography

Hair & Makeup: Tracy Immanuel

Gown: The Gown Connoisseur