“I have always loved Korean-style pre-wedding shoots because they are dreamy, classy and filled with effortless elegance.

So, when Hong Yuan and I chanced up OneThreeOneFour and their various portfolios of Korean wedding studios, we decided to give it a shot.

We decided on Sum Studio Korea based on their portfolio. It was a rather spontaneous decision that was based on the vibes and connections we felt while looking through their works.

As it was an overseas studio, I wasn’t able to choose my gowns for the shoot beforehand and did not know what to really expect.

I only saw the gown selections on the day of the shoot itself, but thankfully, everything from our outfits to our hair and make-up turned out really well.  

The shoot took place in Seoul in late October during autumn time, so there was a drastic drop in temperature especially after the sun sets.

This meant it got really cold when we were doing our night shoots. Dressed in only my ballgown, it was definitely a challenge to pose gracefully for the photos even though I was shaking in the cold.

The upside was that our makeup stayed on throughout despite the long house of shooting!

Contrary to what we’ve heard from our friends on how wedding shoots can be very exhausting, our experience with Sum Studio Korea was filled with memorable and fun-filled moments.  

We had a great time engaging with the Sum Studio team despite the language barrier. The enjoyable experience was also due in part to the awesome interpreter that OneThreeOneFour arranged for us.”


“Dare to be different. If it’s what you want, just do it!

Try not to take the opinion of others too much into heart. Ultimately it’s your once-a-lifetime, not theirs.”

Check out the rest of their gorgeous pre-wedding photos below: 

Photography, wardrobe, hair & makeup: Sum Studio Korea

Coordinated and planned by: OneThreeOneFour