A scrap metal factory might not be at the location of choice for most Singapore couples but it had exactly what then bride-to-be Biyi Oh was after. 

The architect and owner of design firm Proj.B Studio, 37, and her then-fiance Gerald Seah, 38, an Engineering Expatriate, took their pre-wedding portraits at a scrap metal factory as well as Gardens by the Bay.

They share: 

“Biyi, who’s an architect, has always been interested in the concept of materiality, and she’s particularly in love with the natural beauty of raw materials.

She envisioned part of the photo shoot taking place in a raw material factory, with metal being her favourite. She remembers visiting a metal factory for one of her projects years ago, where she witnessed a huge pile of scrap metal that’s reminiscent of a scene in the movie Transformers. It left a huge impression on her. We’re glad we got access to the scrap metal factory for the shoot! 

We also chose to have pre-wedding portraits taken at Gardens by the Bay as we’d decided to hold our solemnisation and wedding banquet at the Flower Field Hall (the pair had a Halloween-themed wedding), so we wanted to capture ourselves in our bespoke wedding outfits at this iconic venue. 

The shoot was held over two days. To our surprise, the photo shoot at Gardens by The Bay was the more challenging of the two. It was really tiring as we had to walk long distances between our car, toilets and the shoot venue in the midst of catching the light. By the time we did our night shoot, we were exhausted and our legs were already feeling wobbly! (Also read: I’m having a pre-wedding shoot in Singapore. What should I bring?)

Unexpectedly, our time at the metal factory was a breeze. We were very grateful that all logistics had been well thought out by the team at the factory. They even prepared an office for Biyi to change in the comfort of air-conditioning. We had no problem getting around by car although the site was huge.

Tips: When finding your photographer, you have to look at his or her portfolio and like the feel of it. The composition, style, lighting as well as the color of the photos are important.





“Any photo shoot will be unique as long as it’s a reflection of the couple, be it the style or a place that holds memory for both of you.”



“I have to thank Gerald for accommodating to my request for this unusual venue. Even when we reach the scrap metal pile, both Gerald and the photographer asked me many times if that’s really where I wanted the photos to be taken. Beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder!
Luckily Gerald loved the photos! We love the contrast between the white gown and the industrial metal scraps.”- Biyi


Venue: NatSteel Holding PL. and Gardens by the Bay
Photography: Kent Wong Photography
Gowns: MichelleHuimin Bridal Veil
Suit: The Men’s Club
Hair and makeup: Janice Lai
Special thanks to: Special thanks Sharon Poh from Gardens by the Bay supporting and facilitating our pre wedding photoshoot, and the team-Alvin, Reddy, Anand and Ah Poh at the metal factory who made sure we were safe throughout the whole photo shoot. We are very grateful to their kind provision of necessary safety, logistics, support arrangements and manpower to facilitate our photoshoot.