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Are wedding bells ringing soon for Nick Teo and Hong Ling?

“Okay, I want to marry you,” Hong Ling said, when her boyfriend Nick muttered under his breath that she didn’t want to.

Upon hearing the ‘proposal’, he replied in disbelief: “Did you just propose to me?”

Hong Ling looked stunned for a moment and retorted: “I did not! It’s you (who has to) propose to me.”

That’s the saccharine love that local actors Hong Ling, 25, and Nick, 30, share and it was on full display in this week’s episode of Buckle Up.

To be fair though, Hong Ling’s admission didn’t just come out of left field as the subject was broached when Nick declared confidently that marriage was on the cards, he just doesn’t know when.

Perhaps it might be for the best too as it seems the lovebirds might have one more bump to work through – children.

Right after Nick revealed that he loves children and describes himself as “fatherly”, Hong Ling sheepishly admitted that she doesn’t like kids because she’s still young.

Nick quipped: “She can’t even take care of herself.”



Well, it depends on who you ask. Nick would probably say that he is romantic.

He was the one who made the first move and asked Hong Ling out for a movie because he “missed her” after filming wrapped on the 2014 Channel 8 longform drama, 118.

Both Nick and Hong Ling were part of the cast and had spent “almost everyday together” because of the filming and gatherings.

Although after four years together, it seems that Hong Ling has a different perception.

She laughed: “He asked me out for a movie, then we went to a nearby shopping centre and he offered to give me a ride. Not in his car or what, but a bicycle. It’s like very old-school.”

“I grabbed his waist. Oh my god,” she exclaimed and cringed.

“Actually, I didn’t think it was funny at that time. I thought it was quite romantic. But now that I think of it, I feel like puking,” she confessed.

Nick did celebrate Hong Ling’s birthday in Cebu earlier this month so if that’s not romantic enough, we’re not sure what the benchmark is anymore.


One would think that a couple that exercises together would… enjoy exercising.

Nick deadpans: “We’re getting tired of exercising.”

While their Instagram profiles might be decked out in aesthetically beautiful pictures of them working out, and showing skin, Nick isn’t afraid to admit that he can be lazy and isn’t a morning person.

Especially when Hong Ling decides to gym at 9am.

He even drew her ire when he once overslept to the point where he missed more than 20 calls from her.

And, he goes on, she isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell him point-blank that he has lost his abs.

He said: “Recently she told me, ‘I think you need to work harder; your abs and chest are all gone.'”

Jokes aside though, he felt that Hong Ling helped boost his self-confidence a lot more because she encourages him to go topless when taking photos.

“I’ll be happy that other people look at him because he feels that he’s very ugly. I think he’s very handsome but he’s a bit low confidence,” she added.

All we can say is, if Hong Ling is okay to share Nick’s lean and toned physique with us, we’re not going to complain.

Power to you, girl.

Buckle Up is an AsiaOne Original entertainment series where pairs of celebrities “take the backseat” on a car ride and get candid about their lives in a heart-to-heart interview. If that’s not enough, we get them to spill some fun facts about themselves in a game of Two Truths, One Lie. What will these famous people reveal? You’ll just have to watch to find out.

This article was first published in AsiaOne