In contrast to their low-key ceremony in EnglandHim Law (羅仲謙) and Tavia Yeung (楊怡) invited over 500 guests to their wedding banquet in Hong Kong on October 2, 2016.

Since Him was busy with filming earlier, Tavia had planned most of the details of their wedding.

Filming the drama adaptation of Infernal Affairs (無間道) recently, Him admitted that he felt very tired and exhausted right before the wedding, reported Jayne Stars.

He admitted, “I feel very ashamed to have left most of the preparations to Tavia. The only thing I did was discuss the details with her when I returned home every day.”

Despite this, the couple agreed on the design of their customized wedding rings. With a beautiful castle in England as their wedding photo backdrop, the couple translated this setting onto the custom design of their wedding rings, which they have named “The Castle of Love”.


The jeweler who made the rings shared the details involved in its design.

“The ring design was inspired by the couple’s wedding photo shoot in England. The castle in England is from the 13th century. History asserts that the king gifted this castle to his queen. It parallels Him’s sentiments of gifting [the ring] to Tavia.

“The ring incorporated materials from the edge of the castle’s structure. They also engraved the initials of both their first names onto the rings. The inside of the ring was also engraved with the logo of their wedding theme. This is done to have them forever remember this moment.”

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