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"We literally look like ghosts" Newlyweds share overexposed, bad quality wedding photos on Facebook

Experiencing bad wedding photography probably ranks high up on a list of wedding day disasters. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to this couple.

Experiencing bad wedding photography probably ranks high up on a list of wedding day disasters.

Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened to Singaporean Ivan Tan and his wife, who got hitched three months ago and received their actual day photos recently. 

As it turns out, the quality was not what they expected. 

Tan took to sharing their wedding photo woes on his Facebook, saying that what "was supposed to be a happy and memorable day [...] turned out to be full of disappointment." 

You can view it here:

The couple had paid Reflection Photography $2,700 for an all-inclusive package of actual day photography, videography and photo booth services. 

To their disappointment, the results were less than satisfactory, and he shared that they "should have opened [their] wider to browse through all their portfolios before taking up their service."

Some of their issues with the photos include:

1) Overexposed shots 

"All these overexposed [shots] are good? We can hardly see our faces. We can't even see cearly our bodies. We literally look like ghost." 

Image: Ivan Tan/Facebook


2) Awkward angles

"What kind of professional lighting and angle is this? Flash from bottom with shadows behind."

Image: Ivan Tan/Facebook


3) Badly cropped shots 

"Stairs shot with cropped gown."

Image: Ivan Tan/Facebook


4) No cues given to time their smiles 

"Did not even bother to remind us to smile. All photographer did was snap and move on."

Image: Ivan Tan/Facebook


5) Blocked faces 

"Our sisters were asked to pose the "trendiest pose" with the faces blocked like no one's business."

Image: Ivan Tan/Facebook

He ended it off by saying: "What is done cannot be undone. Just felt the need to rant and most importantly to let other couples be aware of such bad photography." 

The comments left on the Facebook post varied from those who agreed that the photos were of bad quality, and others who felt that the couple should have known better, since the portfolio was available for their viewing. 

However, the overall consensus is of course, on how important it is to get the right wedding photographer for your big day.

Here are some tips on finding the right wedding photographer for you: 

1) Do your research well

Decide on the style of wedding photography you prefer before shortlisting your choices and doing due research on wedding they've previously done.

Checking out their portfolio, reviews and social media accounts is a must. 

2) Is there chemistry?

You're paying a rather substantial sum of money, so the least you can do is to meet them in person to see if you can actually get along, and if their working style mesh with yours.

It's also important that they understand what are the sort of shots and mood you're looking for. 

3) Communicate! 

Be sure you communicate your expectations, be it whether you want a certain number of shots, the style of editing etc. Thinking your photographer will be able to assume everything you want might lead to disappointment. 

4) Getting a bridal package? Confirm your lead photographer

With bridal packages, they usually have more than one photographer on hand.

Before you sign off on the dotted line, check if the lead photographer will actually be the one shooting on the day itself, or if you are able to specify the photographer of your choice from the package. 

5) Confirm your post-production details 

Here are some things you should ask: How many edited shots? When can I expect to receive them? Will they be high or low resolution? Does the photographer holds the rights?