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Newlyweds' Lin Chi-ling and Akira's touching video could have been their wedding video

Lin Chi-Ling, 44, and Akira, 38, star in a music video as lovers over different time periods. Get the tissues ready, this will tug at your heart strings.

Chiling Lin and Akira play lovers in a teaser video to promote a song called White Wings from Japanese group J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM YOUTUBE

"My love, I miss you so much," Chiling Lin says in English in the video.

"I cannot help missing you," she adds as footage of her with husband Akira fleshes out a story about timeless love in the recording.

Later in the video, Lin says: "I have been waiting for you" and "we wish to be reunited with the one we love".

But this is not a recording of their romance that was shown to the guests during their wedding in Tainan, Taiwan, on Nov 17 (which saw over five outfit changes and an epic after-party).

Released on Tuesday (Nov 26), it is actually a teaser video to promote a song called White Wings from Japanese group J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe.

Lin, 44, and Akira, 38, play lovers over different time periods in the video (scroll below for the full, newly-released music video!)



The music makers scored this publicity coup because Akira is a member of Japanese outfit Exile.

The video on YouTube has racked up more than 430,000 views in one day.

This is not the first time that the couple have acted together.

They also teamed up in the stage version of Red Cliff eight years ago.

Their recent wedding made headlines, with the small Tainan Art Museum venue limiting the number of guests to only 100 or so.

There was some unhappiness over the invitation list, with no room for even mega Hong Kong actor-singer Andy Lau. He co-starred with Lin in 2013 movie Switch.



The full MV by J Soul Brothers has just been released (28  Nov). It starts with Lin Chi-ling's character receiving a woman's journal, together with a perfume bottle named 'White Wings' from a hundred years ago, and which is half of a set.

The diary tells a tale of a couple in love, with the woman opening a restaurant called White Wings, named after the perfume her lover (played by Akira) had gifted her.

It depicts the pair reuniting in the restaurant after a period of separation, and ends with the present-day Chi-ling bumping into Akira, who holds up the other perfume bottle. 

Watch it below:



A version of this story was originally published in The Straits Times. Additional reporting: Michelle Lee.