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Netflix & chill? This man used it to propose instead!

Imagine seeing your partner in your favorite Netflix show.

Image: Netflix

Imagine settling down with your other half for just another Netflix session – or so you thought. Until you see them on screen instead, sitting side by side with Drew Barrymore no less.

This is what Conner from Beaverton, Oregon did - surprising Kamela, his girlfriend of six years with a proposal that saw her bursting into tears.

Planned in cahoots with Netflix, Connor had Kamela led into believing they were filming for an upcoming reality TV series featuring people reacting to Netflix programs from their own homes.

And for this, Netflix roped in stars of Kamela’s current show Santa Clarita Diet – Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant.

The stars acted out a special segment that interrupted a regular episode and dished out advice on having a healthy marriage and guess who came into screen just then?

Watch what happens next in the video below and be prepared to feel all warm and squishy inside: