Both of us love taking scenic road trips when we travel, so we wanted to do an outdoor pre-wedding shoot overseas with beaches, waterfalls, and mountains.

Bali fit the bill perfectly.

Every photographer has their own distinct style, so we made sure to do our research before we decided on Luxio Photo.

We wanted the shoot to be casual and laid-back. Save for our first location at sunrise, we wore casual outfits for the rest of the scenes. (Also read: 5 couple outfit ideas for your casual pre-wedding photo shoot)

Waking up at one in the morning to get ready was tough. It was also difficult to change out of my gown in the car. At the same time, I was worried about passers-by. Thankfully, the coast was clear for the most part.

During our shoot at the beach, our photographer told us to sit down and pose for a photo, and to quickly get up once the waves came in. When Wee How and I saw a huge wave approaching, we both tried to get up quickly to avoid getting our bums wet. Hilariously, we both fell and ended up drenched for the rest of the shoot. All of us had a good laugh over that!



“Remember to relax and smile because if you feel uncomfortable during the shoot, it will definitely show in the pictures.”

Her tips and advice on pre-wedding shoots

Trust your photographer! They know what they are doing despite asking you to do poses that you might find ridiculous. The photos will usually turn out amazing.



Photography: Luxio Photo
Hair & makeup: Claudia Shelvia
Gown: The Gown Warehouse
Suit: Seamless Bespoke
This feature was originally published in Her World Brides September to November 2019.