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For the March 2019 issue of Her World Brides, we’ve got beauty and fashion digital content creator Yeoh Mong Chin of @mongabong on the cover with her fiance, investment banker Matthias Lim, 27.

With their wedding coming up this month, we asked the glowing bride-to-be how her wedding prep journey has been, and how they maintain their relationship despite their busy schedules. 

How did you meet?

I met Matt at an SMU sports camp before school started! Subsequently, we joined the school’s pageant for freshmen and got closer through practices and rehearsals.

How did you know he was the one?

When I casually said that I wanted to marry the next person I dated (I was 19 then) he didn’t flinch one bit; he told me he wanted the same too. 

We were just friends at that time, but I remember thinking to myself, “How nice would it be if we dated and ended up marrying each other.” (laughs)

I wouldn’t say I immediately knew that he was the one, but somehow I knew he would work hard towards becoming my last and final boyfriend – and he eventually did!

What do you love most about each other?

His confidence, intelligence and trustworthiness. (He says: ”She’s beautiful, patient and selfless.”)

How well have you been juggling the preparations?

I think I’ve been doing pretty well, considering work has been pretty crazy and my job requires me to travel very often.

I’ve been working with my wedding planner, Ju Lynn from  @smittenoccasions, quite closely for the past six months and she’s been such a great help.

Gown: Silhouette the Atelier 

What are some of your priorities when it comes to your wedding? 

Relatability, price and quality.

Although some of the items (like my gowns) are sponsored, I choose partners that I can personally relate to, and items and services I would be willing to pay for, even if I weren’t sponsored for any of them.

As a social media influencer and bride-to-be, I think that allows me to share tips and recommendations in a fair and authentic way with my followers

How do you keep your romance alive, despite both your busy schedules?

I think absence makes the heart grow fonder. When work gets tough and busy, we tend to cherish and make the best of whatever time we have together – we go out on dates or make a reservation at our favourite restaurant, for instance.

And, no matter how busy it gets, we always set aside 15 minutes to Facetime each other, wherever we are. It’s all about putting in the effort for the relationship.

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Photography Joel Low

Styling Steve Thio,

Assisted by Tsoi Fong Wing & Melissa Spenniger

Hair Greg O (hp: 9826-2681), using Keune sg

Makeup TG Goh (hp: 9616-2775), using Estee Lauder

Gowns: Silhouette the Atelier 

Videography Dan Ng

Florist @lioraflorals

Jewellery Forevermark, available at Lee Hwa Jewellery boutiques