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Why this Malaysian couple "got married again" after 50 years of wedded bliss

For their 50th anniversary, this Malaysian couple got married again with a full day of wedding celebrations with their family and friends!

Photo: YuanJuin Liew / Facebook

A couple in Seremban, Malaysia, decided to kick their 50th wedding anniversary celebrations up a notch—by “marrying” each other again with a full day of wedding celebrations. 

Siong had felt sorry to his wife Kim that they only had one photo from their wedding day 50 years ago, so the idea of having another wedding was brought to life with the help of their family. 

The couple had fun with the celebrations that included the traditional Chinese wedding customs of a morning gatecrash and tea ceremony – with plenty of pictures taken this time around. 

With their children and grandchildren as the groomsmen and bridesmaids, the whole family were involved in the joyous occasion.

They also made sure to document the ceremony on their phones.

Siong also wanted to use his own car during the ceremony, as he had to borrow someone else’s to fetch Kim during their first wedding.

The couple also took many more during their pre-wedding photo shoot that perfectly showcase their humour-loving and tender sides. 

The loving couple met in a way that was straight out of a romance novel –They lived in the same village and met when Siong was 19, and Kim was 18 years old.

He was attracted to Kim’s beautiful long hair and fell in love at first sight.

However, the bride’s father initially disapproved of them and tried to intimidate Siong by saying that he would “dig [Siong’s] eyes out” if he did not love Kim for his whole life.

That didn't deter Siong, who was (and still is) greatly in love with Kim, and the two got married in 1968.

These pictures of their second wedding ceremony half a century later are a testament to his commitment and love towards his wife.

Liew Yuan Juain, their grandaughter shares: "As their children and grandchildren, we can see how they live together.

Their life is very simple, just like many other couples. And of course, they do have quarrels but they are always good at the end.

To us, they are role models who teach us to always respect and appreciate one another other." 

For more photos of their celebration and banquet, you can view the full album here:

Photos and story are published with permission from the family.