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Macau tycoon's son Mario Ho and Chinese supermodel Ming Xi share the sweetest wedding photos

The son of Macau casino tycoon, Stanley Ho, and his Chinese supermodel wife Ming Xi are creating quite the buzz after releasing their wedding photos on social media website Weibo.

First, it was a fairytale proposal with 99,999 roses and a pink castle that got everyone ecstatic.

Now, wedding photos of Mario Ho - son of Macau casino tycoon Stanley Ho - and his Chinese supermodel wife Ming Xi are creating quite the buzz on Thursday (July 4) after the couple released them on social media website Weibo.

The marriage certificate photos show Ho and Ming in various poses but it was the caption that accompanied the post which got commenters feeling the love.

Ming, 30, was the first to share the photos and wrote: "The person on the right has got taste."

Images: Ming Xi's Weibo

Shortly after, Ho, 24, posted the same photos and wrote: "It's the person on the left who has got taste."

Corny as it may be, commentators are living for this saccharine display of love and are leaving congratulatory comments on their posts.

Their posts have garnered more than 30,000 comments collectively.

One photo in particular also caught our attention as Ming can be seen hugging her hubby from behind while sporting a huge rock on her ring finger.

Bling bling.



In May, Ho pulled out all the stops for a grand proposal to the girl of his dreams.

He booked three levels of Shanghai's L'Avenue Mall, erected a pink castle flying an 'M' flag and prepared 99,999 roses.


In his proposal speech, he said: "You are a very innocent child, so I feel that being with you -- be it the words you speak or the things you do -- every moment we spend together makes me feel very safe.

"Spending our days together is the greatest joy in my life. I really treasure this. I hope that this love will last forever."

Well, it seems their love is still burning bright. 




There were rumours surrounding Ming in April but Ho shot them down and offered HK$100 million (S$17.4million) to anyone who could prove otherwise.

It was also reported that Ho's mother, the fourth wife of the elder Ho, confessed that she didn't know if Ming was expecting either.

Regardless, if there's one thing we can count on, it's that the announcement of their pregnancy (whenever that may be) will definitely be anything but ordinary.

Earlier in June, Mario's sister Sabrina threw a lavish engagement party, reportedly receiving a HK$500 million (S$87 million) property as a gift.