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On March 22, 2016, 36-year-old Tavia Yeung and 31-year-old Him Law secretly tied the knot in Leeds Castle, one of the oldest castles in England. The couple went out of public radar for their wedding, which was witnessed by only close family and friends.

Despite being extremely private with their life, Tavia and Him’s relationship was never exactly quiet. It was a rocky start for the couple. Their relationship was met with intense scrutiny at first.

Him, being five years younger than Tavia and publicly suffering from his violent breakup with Theresa Fu, gave the couple some initial bad press. But the couple stayed strong for four solid years before finally tying the knot last Tuesday, reports Jayne Stars.


Tavia and Him grew close after collaborating in 2012’s The Hippocratic Crush, which was shot between July and October of 2011. While shooting the series, Him was embroidered in a breakup controversy with Theresa Fu, who he secretly dated for some years.

On Halloween of 2011, Tavia and Him were spotted on a barbecue date with friends, but they denied seeing each other.


Following the news of their South Korean getaway, Tavia and Him’s dating rumors strengthened. They continued to persist for an entire year before it was finally exposed in September 2012.

Him went to pick up Tavia from her dinner party with her TVB acting training course classmates. Drunk and unwell, Tavia slept on Him’s lap face-down. She stayed undetected until Him stopped by a garage near Tavia’s apartment; the paparazzi rushed to the parked vehicle and snapped photos of Tavia and Him in their compromising position.

The following day, Tavia and Him held a joint press conference to clarify the “car-shaking” incident. In their interview, they revealed that they were in the beginning stages of a new relationship, finally putting an end to the dating speculations.

When Him won “My Favourite TVB Supporting Actor” at the My AOD Favourites Awards at the end of the year, he thanked Tavia in his speech.

2013 and 2014

The “car-shaking” incident was the public’s unfortunate introduction to their relationship, but Tavia and Him stayed strong. Though their romance was met with media scrutiny at first, Tavia and Him kept private as possible, giving only brief and general answers whenever reporters tried to ask them about their dating life.

While shooting Young Charioteers in 2014, there were rumors claiming that Him and costar Sisley Choi were flirting with each other. However, Tavia didn’t take any of those rumors into heart. She said, “He is someone I trust very much.”

2015 and 2016

Now three years into their relationship, Tavia and Him’s relationship have reached a new stage. In early 2015, the couple were spotted looking at estate prices together, but Tavia denied moving in together, adding that they were not planning marriage “yet.”

For much of 2015 and early 2016, both Tavia and Him gave similar answers whenever they were asked if they would be tying the knot — they denied it, but did not outright say no. Him has said more than once in various interviews that he is a traditional man and wants to start a family.

When it was reported that Tavia may not renew her TVB contract once it ends in April, rumors of their marriage fired up like never before. The couple did not deny marriage plans when asked.

Though Tavia and Him’s Leeds Castle wedding was held out of the public’s eye, it was not done in complete secret.

News of Him’s ten-day Europe vacation request from his agency was known, and Tavia’s older sister, Griselda Yeung, did share selfies of herself in front of Leeds Castle. The coincidences came to an obvious conclusion that Tavia and Him were taking the next steps in their journey.

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