photos: Min-ho Lee/Instagram, Bae Suzy/Instagram

Actor Lee Min-Ho, 30, who started his mandatory military service last week, was reportedly spotted holidaying with his girlfriend, singer and actress Suzy Bae, 22, for a couple of days before starting his enlistment.

In a recent interview, the ‘Legend of the Blue Seas’ actor shared that he feels that he is mature now and knows what he wants in life and revealed that he hopes to marry the actress so that he could protect her.

This stems from his belief that a real man has to be responsible for what he says and most importantly, be able to protect his loved ones.

He had previously hinted at his wedding plans as well, stating that he “would run away with her. Even if we had to elope, I [he] would marry her”.

When asked if he is feeling blissful, Lee also said that blissfulness is not measured by his own happiness only. The other party should feel blissful when she is with him.

The two revealed their relationship back in 2015 and have remained private and tight-lipped about their relationship, even when there were rumors of them splitting up.   


photo: Min-ho/Instagram

Lee also expressed his feelings on his enlistment in a recent interview with a Korean fashion magazine. 

“I thought I would be all cool, all indifferent, but I feel sad,” he said. “I think it is more about my passing 20s rather than the enlistment itself. I feel sad about becoming 30 and getting old.”

However, the actor who first experienced massive popularity though the drama ‘Boys over Flowers’, also shares that having a late enlistment was a good decision.

“I was happy that I received so much love from overseas and that I contributed somewhat to introducing Hallyu content.”


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