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Details are still coming in drips and drabs, but one thing’s for sure: the wedding is on. The date? 28 November 2015. According to Korean wedding planning agency iWedding, who’s currently working on the former boybander-turned-DJ’s wedding, the couple have been planning for their big day for about three months already.

While not much is known about his future wife and the type of ceremony they’ll be having, iWedding has said that they will be releasing their pictures soon (they didn’t specify, but we’re guessing shortly after their wedding).

Dong Ho, who left U-Kiss in 2013, has expressed his desire to get married young. In an interview with Daily Sports, he revealed that he wanted to tie the knot soon, since he’s “met the right person. He added that he has “always wanted to get married sooner than later.”

Watch this space for more updates closer to the date!