South Korean stars Rain (left) and Kim Tae Hee were married in central Seoul on Jan 19, 2017. PHOTO: EPA/COUPANG

SEOUL (KOREA HERALD/ ASIA NEWS NETWORK) – K-pop idol Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee held a private wedding ceremony yesterday at the Gahoe-dong Cathedral in Seoul.

Their wedding mass lasted about 90 minutes. He wore a black suit and she a white dress that ended above the knee. See also: 12 short and flirty ROM dresses for your wedding here.

A screengrab reportedly showing South Korean stars Rain and Kim Tae Hee getting married, in a church in Seoul on Jan 19, 2017. PHOTO: SCREENGRAB FROM NEWS1.KR

Only family members and a few close friends, including Park Jin Young, head of JYP Entertainment and Rain’s former boss, attended the mass. In celebration of the new couple, Park sang Only You, a song he had written for his own wife.

Also there were actor Ahn Sung Ki, who is Rain’s godfather; rapper Psy; Park Joon Hyung of pop group g.o.d.; and Kim’s university classmate Lee Honey.

The couple announced their engagement only on Tuesday. Preparations for the wedding were carried out in secret, with guests told of the place and time only yesterday. The venue was guarded by private security guards hours, preventing a group of reporters from getting a glimpse of the couple.

Rain, 34, and Kim, 37, started dating in 2012, with news of their romance becoming public on Jan 1, 2013. They had reportedly been preparing to say “I do” since their families met last November.

On Sunday, Rain released The Best Present, a song about a marriage proposal that started the rumour mill again.

They are to release their wedding photographs after the nuptials, Rain’s agency said. They also have no immediate plans for a honeymoon or parenthood, according to Kim’s agency.

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