SEOUL • Actor Song Joong Ki, who unleashed a media whirlwind with the announcement of his upcoming marriage to actress Song Hye Kyo, said in an interview on Tuesday: “I never wanted to get married late.”

This was in response to the perception that the announcement was sudden.

Song, 31, had nothing but praise for his intended, saying he had learnt from his 35-year-old co-star as a professional during the shoot of last year’s hit drama Descendants Of The Sun, and, later, as a person in their relationship.

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“She’s a very thoughtful person,” he said, also describing her as his senior when it comes to Korean Wave fame. “Every part of our lives is being talked about. I’m only human and there are times when I have my concerns. But I think we can deal with (the media) wisely.”

The two are in the midst of “happily preparing” for their wedding on Oct 31, he said. “Nothing is for certain of course, but I’ll probably be thinking about my next project after the wedding. Nothing is in the works right now.”

Song, who stars in a war film, The Battleship Island, that hit South Korean theatres yesterday, says the thoughts and opinions of his contemporaries are important to him.

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“I go to the theatres a lot to see the movies I’m in,” he said.

“Sometimes, I am sitting right next to someone, so close that I can hear their breathing. It’s fun to see that I’m on the screen and they don’t know I’m right next to them.”

The Battleship Island opens in Singapore on Aug 17.

Song says he takes mental notes of which points in the film evoke collective sighs, gasps and laughter.

“After the movie, when people go out talking among themselves, I can hear everything. Sometimes even the bad things.”

A version of this article appeared in The Straits Times.