Ken Chu and Han Wen Wen will be holding their wedding ceremony in Bali on Sept 3, 2016. (See also: Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo’s Bali wedding at the Bulgari Hotel and Resorts)

Their wedding invitation card started circulating online recently.

To coincide with their beach wedding, the colour theme of the invitation envelope and the card itself were in shades of blue.

The wedding invitation card also has sparkling stars and a photo of Ken and Wen Wen.

Inside the card, there are words which reflect their mentality towards marriage, “Life is a journey we cannot schedule and no matter where it ends, we shall never forget where we started.”

Ken reportedly has sent the wedding invitations to his F4 members, Jerry Yan, Vic Chou and Vanness Wu.

Ken said, “I hope that my brothers will witness my happiest moment. Depending on their work schedule, we still have to see if we can reunite.”

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