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The bubbly couple, who participated in the first season of the Chinese reality television show, All Along With You, and are now filming the show’s second season, took part in a traditional wedding in Laos. 


!Julian Cheung and Anita Yuen had a wedding ceremony in a TV show.

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Anita and Julian, clad in matching gold traditional costumes, looked like blissful newly-weds, as they went through the ceremony for the show’s premiere. 

The couple, who wed in 2001, did not have a lavish celebration at the time, and didn’t hold a banquet or arrange for a wedding photo shoot. According to Asianpopnews.com, Anita reportedly said that when two people get married, the wedding “does not have to be luxurious, or need any diamond rings, although, if there were anything, it’d be a beautiful thing too,” she cheekily added.

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They only had their wedding photos taken over a decade later with renowned Korean photographer, JY Jeong from GK Photography, at the Greeda Studio in Seoul, after taking part in the first season of the reality series.

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Ever the doting husband, Julian gave Anita two houses during their 15th wedding anniversary, among other gifts. Too sweet!