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VIDEO: Japan's Princess Ayako offically engaged to commoner Kei Moriya with formal ceremony

Japan's Princess Ayako is offically engaged to commoner Kei Moriya after a formal engagement ceremony last Sunday.

Image: Screen grab from video

Back in July, Princess Ayako of Japan, 27, the third daughter to Princess Hisako and late Prince Takamado (the cousin of Emperor Akihito), announced that she will be renouncing her royal status, as she will be marrying a commoner, Kei Moriya, 23, who is a shipping employee.

 Based on the current law, only males can be in line to take over the throne, which is why princesses have to renounce their royal status should they marry a commoner.

Their engagement became official last Sunday, after a formal engagement ceremony in Tokyo.  Known as Nosai no Gi, the formal rite sees a messenger sent by the groom-to-be, bearing gifts of sake and sea bream to the bride-to-be and her mother. 

You can watch the proceedings below: 

The couple was reportedly introduced by Princess Hisako, as she she hoped that it might spark Princess Ayako’s interest in welfare activities for children, who has a master’s degree in social work and has studied at Canada’s Camosun College and the University of British Colombia.

Her fiance Kei Moriya, is a shipping employee who graduated from the prestigious Keio University and works at NYK Line, is also a board member of Tokyo-based non-profit organisation Kokkyo naki Kodomotachi (KnK), which aims to improve the lives of children and youth in Asia.   

Their big day is set to be on October 29 of this year.