Our Cover Brides finalist, Sarah Md Ong, 29, Public Affairs Manager, is engaged to Geoffrey Chua, 34, Banker and the two will be tying the knot this October.

Here’s their sweet love story: 

The first meeting and “proposal”

Geoff and I both studied in Perth, Western Australia, but we never met while we were both still students there. He dropped me a message on Facebook only after he’d graduated, while I was still in my second year. A week later, he flew over – supposedly to see to some matters in Perth – and that was when we first met in person.

We hit it off pretty well and kept in contact. Coincidentally, it was seven years ago, on the same date as our upcoming marriage, that Geoff surprised me in Australia with his first “proposal” – he gave me an infinity ring with the words “Now & Forever” engraved on it and asked if I’d let him take care of me. In short, that’s when he asked me to be his girlfriend.

First date, and knowing he was the one

Sorry if this sounds cheesy, but our first date was rather magical. We had a picnic at Kings Park, Western Australia, and Geoff had everything prepared: blanket, old-school instant photos, the works. There were three kids nearby who tried to catch our attention, and we ended up playing with them. I knew that Geoff was the one when I saw how he interacted with them – he was warm, loving and patient.

Three reasons why she loves him

He’s loving and patient, kind and understanding. He’s also very well read. And he makes me laugh. 

He’s sooo romantic…

Once, Geoff flew to the Philippines when I was posted there for work to help me settle down. Before he flew back to Singapore, he folded paper hearts and left them around my apartment. He also wrote a note to tell me that I would never be alone and he would be missing me until I was back home. 

I, on the other hand, am a “hopeless romantic“ – “hopeless” being the keyword! Does it count if I dry up all the flowers that Geoff sends me, and repurpose them into flower vases for my work desk? 

“I hope that we will continue to be patient, kind and loving to each other.” 


A Polly Pocket proposal in New York!

Geoff proposed to me in January 2017 in Central Park, New York. We were taking a stroll around the snow-filled park and found a sweet spot to build a snowman. Geoff placed his phone on a tree branch and told me he was going to record a video of us building 
the snowman.

When we were done with the snowman and I was packing up, I turned around to see Geoff on his knees with the most beautiful ring in a wedding-themed Polly Pocket box (Polly Pocket was my favourite childhood toy!) and asking me to marry him. The box was the most precious thing I’d ever seen – the bride had flowers in her hair, there was a three-tier wedding cake next to her, the dashing groom wore a top hat, and it even had a magical “diamond” solitaire with two “sapphire” teardrop gems sitting on a grand organ. 


“To be each other’s pillar of strength and to live out all the important values our parents have taught us.”

A whimsical wedding inspired by Wes Anderson’s movies

We plan to have a wedding lunch reception with a theme inspired by Wes Anderson’s films – pretty, whimsical, and based on a palette of autumn hues. Autumn was our favourite time of year when we were studying in Australia. 

More importantly, we plan to include and partner with some truly unique and creative talents for our wedding. Our invites and posters will be illustrated by a budding artist from Very Special Arts, and we designed and painted Geoff’s pocket square and my wedding skirt together with young female artists from Little Arts Academy/The Business Times Budding Artists Fund.

A good friend of ours gifted us the services of Isabelle Lim, a photographer who was born deaf and was profiled in the media as an exceptional talent. I’m also working on creating a special set of jewellery from Eden + Elie, a social enterprise. And we will be donating our wedding flowers to a hospice.

The most important aspects of their relationship? 

Trust and forgiveness.


This story was originally published in Her World Brides September – November 2018.