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HK stars Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin to welcome baby next year!

A month after their wedding, Hong Kong stars Ruco Chan and Phoebe Sin have announced that they will be expecting their first child.

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And baby makes three.

Barely a month after Hong Kong actor Ruco Chan's wedding to TVB actress Phoebe Sin, the pair have announced that they are expecting a baby.

A photo uploaded to their Instagram accounts show the announcement spelled out using wedding bands and wooden letter tiles: "Ruco, Phoebe, Baby is coming", to the delight of fans. 

Addressing his unborn child, the 41-year-old actor wrote on Saturday (Nov 10): "2018 is an unforgettable year. I've gained another status! Looking forward to your arrival."




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The baby is expected to arrive next year, which will be the year of the pig, according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

In a lengthy post the next day (Nov 11), Chan reflected on a year "where many unhappy things happened". He also apologised for the unexpected marriage announcement, which took many by surprise.



2018真的發生很多不快和不如意之事!無論是工作和心情, 但老天爺永遠都有最好的安排給我。之前努力工作忽略和家人的相處!今年感恩我有很多的時間陪伴家人,讓我可以好好處理所有問題。也很感恩能遇上太太能順利完成我們的人生大事。我知道我的婚訊,會令到很多支持朋友和我的鹏友仔有很多不同的想法,令大家感到突然!我在此說聲對不起。雖然我沒有能力改變大家的想法!但我會不忘初衷,大家是從我的工作認識到我,所以未來我會更加努力,我不會忘記這二十多個年頭大家對我的支持和欣賞!因為是妳們把我變得更精彩更有信心。祝願我們能友誼永固。時間的過去會令人不斷地成長,就會更加珍惜緣份!也明白有不同的階段。我只希望大家開心快樂,身體健康。無論將來我在不同的角色或不同的位置。我都希望給與大家歡樂,同時也希望做好榜樣.今天我終於可以同鹏友們分享一份喜悅。我的寶寶終於來了。所以今年在我的人生之中是最大的進步...希望你也能分享到我的快樂!

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"I'm thankful that I got to meet and marry my wife. I know many of you had different opinions about our marriage, and many felt it was too sudden! I apologise."

He continued: "Today, I can finally share my happiness with my fans. My baby is here. This makes this year the biggest improvement  in my life, and I hope everyone can share my joy!"

On her Instagram post, Sin, 28, simply wrote: "Looking forward to your arrival, little piglet".


期待小豬比的來臨❤️ #小豬比

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This article was originally published in AsiaOne.