Hong Kong actors Ruco Chan, 41, and Phoebe Sin, 28, tied the knot over the weekend in Hong Kong with a slew of festivities.

The good-looking pair started their day with Ruco arriving at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong to receive his bride.

Following the Chinese wedding tradition, Phoebe was sheltered under a red umbrella to protect her from evil spirits when they made their first appearance to board the car. 

Phoebe wore a traditional red cheongsam while Ruco was in Chinese tunic suit with a dragon emblem.


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Their solemnisation took place on a stunning yacht with 50 guests in attendance that included Derek To, Jerry Leung Tiffany Lau and Joyce Ngai.

While reciting his vows, Ruco couldn’t help but get emotional. He shared how Phoebe has been his support in good times and bad:

“I invited everyone here to witness I, Ruco Chan, making Phoebe Sin my legal wife. From the start when we first met to becoming partners, we were not only friends and lovers, you give me happiness and satisfaction when I laugh.

When I cry, you will quietly stand by my side and shield me from the wind and rain. Now I finally understand when two people come together, it’s not 1+1=2, but rather it’s 0.5+0.5=1.

[Marriage] requires compromise. I promise you that I’ll be loyal to you in my lifetime.”

In the evening, the couple celebrated their nuptials with an intimate banquet at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong alongside other former ATV stars like Alice Chan, Elena Kong, Andrew Yuen and more.


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Ruco also performed his song Just Half A Step Away for his wife, leaving her in tears.

She later shared why: “When I was in my unhappiest phase, the song was always playing. After I came back to Hong Kong, I met Ruco.”

In a press conference after, the actor shared that his parents are both very happy to see him get married.

“Especially my father. Normally he’s very cool and doesn’t say much, but I can tell he is very happy today.”

News of their wedding came to light in September, when Ruco surprised Phoebe with a beautiful pre-wedding shoot in London and Paris.


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They had been dating for over two years after meeting in 2016 when Ruco was a guest judge at the Miss Hongkong beauty pageant, where Phoebe was one of the contestants. 

Congratulations to the couple!