Hong Kong actress Linda Chung announced on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts that her son – Jared Anthony Leung – had been born.PHOTOS: INSTAGRAM / CHUNGKAYANLINDA, FACEBOOK / LINDA CHUNG

Hong Kong actress Linda Chung has given birth to a baby boy.

The Canadian-born star, 34, announced on both her Facebook and Instagram accounts that her son – Jared Anthony Leung – had been born.

In a Facebook post dated Thursday (Sept 6), the actress welcomed the boy into her family. She also tagged the post #naturalhomebirth.

She later confirmed in a voice recording to Hong Kong media outlets that she delivered the child at home in Canada. She also said that the boy weighed seven pounds and 14 ounces, or around 3.6kg.

This is Chung’s second child. She secretly married Canadian chiropractor Jeremy Leung, 13 years her senior, in 2015 and gave birth to a daughter the following year, in August.

In her voice recording, she said that Jared, her son, was born with a full head of hair and greatly resembles his older sister Kelly. She added that she received many comments from her family members, who teased her for having given birth to twins.

The actress said that she received professional advice on how to make her delivery safer and smoother.

She added that she felt it was an “empowering” way to give birth and that she is now recuperating in confinement.

Chung, who got her start as a beauty pageant queen and is known for her various roles in Hong Kong’s TVB dramas, announced her pregnancy on Instagram in March this year. She had uploaded a family portrait with a lengthy caption.


「雖然還未看見您,但我們知道,您是神再次送給我們一家人的,我們一定會好好珍惜您⋯⋯」 親愛的朋友和粉絲們: 要和大家分享一個喜悅:我再次懷孕了! 感恩上天再次給我們為人父母的機會,就連Kelly知道後,也為自己快將成為姐姐而高興大叫:「Wow!」 向大家宣布這開心事之前,其實,我和TVB的合約剛屆滿。面對着很多很多的不捨,但家人希望目前這段時間的我,專心和安心的去迎接家庭新成員。所以,暫時只會有限量和享受工作,待新成員出世之後,再和大家見面、努力去賺奶粉錢。Haha ~~~ 在此我特別要衷心感謝TVB多年來對我的支持和體諒。記得當年只有19歲的我,膽粗粗參加了《國際華裔小姐》比賽而入了行,當時甚麼都不懂、全無自信心、極害羞,是TVB這所安全屋為我遮風擋雨、供書教學,給我時間和機會去成長和磨練,讓我了解到自己是一個怎樣的人、有着甚麼才藝、有着甚麼使命,更令我可放膽在人前表現真我、懂得怎與觀眾溝通。 這十三年的經歷,對於我的人生是非常重要的,從中的堅持和努力,令我更加學懂去愛人、去關心別人,人也成熟了。現在,暫且跳出舒適圈⋯⋯但心存感激的。TVB,是您成就了今天的「鍾嘉欣」。 樂小姐:您一直保護我。 很多時候,您說我太乖太單純,不想有任何東西把我教壞、影響我的形象。您就像媽媽般疼我、愛護我。謝謝您! 珍姐:您給我第一個演出機會:《皆大歡喜》。 當其他人對我仍有懷疑的時候,您卻選擇相信當日我這個新人。您給我的試煉和推動,讓我達至一個就連自己也想像不到的極限。 謝謝您! Herman哥:是您圓滿了我的歌唱夢,給予很多我很喜歡的歌曲,更一直從旁引導我。謝謝您! Sandy:我們沒有很長的合作時間,但我也衷心謝謝您在這短短的幾年間,讓我參與了很多綜藝節目,令觀眾認識到鍾嘉欣的另一面。 謝謝您! 最後,非常感謝TVB其他上上下下的工作人員, 沒有您們用心和支持的打造「鍾嘉欣」,我不會是今天的「鍾嘉欣」! 送上永遠的感激! 衷心祝福TVB這個大家庭內的每一位! 今天暫別,但感覺會很快再遇上。 lovelovelove 愛您們的 -L- 鍾嘉欣 #tvbcomhk #worklifebalance #onceatvbgirlalwaysatvbgirl #workingmom #chungkayanlinda #Godbless Photo by: #danieltamig @danieltamig

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In it, she revealed that her contract with long-time employer TVB has ended and that she would scale back on her work briefly to focus on her family.

She also wrote that she would return to acting after the birth of her second child.

This article was first published in The Straits Times.