Hong Kong celebrity couple singer-actress Ava Liu, 32, and singer Adason Lo, 31, have registered their marriage!

The couple announced the news on social media, with Liu sharing a photo from their pre-wedding shoot, along with the caption:

“Thank you for your love, care and tolerance. For years, you let me go forward boldly and gave me unlimited support and encouragement.

Looking back, you were there tidying up my way every time. The path has been so easy.”

She also revealed the date of their wedding ceremony, which will take place on 31st March of this year.

In another Instagram post, the bride is seen in several gowns from Kevolie Official, the design label co-owned by Hong Kong actress Myolie Wu and designer Kev Yiu. She was also seen wearing jewellery from Luk Fook Jewellery.


收到這麼多的祝福真的很感動,謝謝你們,我的婚禮從準備到公佈,到進行結婚儀式長達一年(還有個多月時間), 這段日子都有賴身邊一班朋友支持,現在開始道謝恐怕也要用上幾星期,首先這輯婚照中的婚紗由 @kevolieofficial 贊助,謝謝大師姐 @myoliemyolie 和最最最厲害的設計師 @kevyiu , 十年前已經說如果我出嫁 @kevyiu 一定要把我打扮得最漂亮,現在終於成真了❤️ 我的拍攝團隊 @bybengroup 也是非常非常的可靠,首先照片拍得太美了吧!然後從籌備到完成也太快太有交帶了吧!像我這種懶人新娘不找你們還找誰呀? 我愛你們❤️ 哪位準新娘在這些事上煩惱中一定要找他們喔!

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The couple started their relationship in 2011, with Liu inviting Lo to her concert.

When asked on their proposal, the groom shared that it was a very casual one and how it happened wasn’t important.

“The most important thing is to have similar ideas, values, and love for each other,” he added.