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Hong Kong media recently discovered that Grace Wong had secretly filed for a notice of intended marriage in Hong Kong on November 16.

Her boyfriend Daniel is her first and they have been dating for 11 years, reports Asianpopnews.com.

The couple are both devout Christians and have abstained from sex before marriage.

When they travelled to Taiwan together, they would sleep in separate rooms.

Grace posted photos from her engagement party and of her enhagement ring on social media on Nov 22 where guests included good friends Eliza Sam, Sheren Tang, Eric Suen and G.E.M. Tang.

She said:

“After 11 years of ups and downs, Daniel and I have finally embarked on the next stage of our lives.

“We are engaged! Thank you to every friend and family member who has encouraged us in our lives!

“Thank you everyone for your blessings. My fiance is afterall not from this industry. I hope the media friends can give us some privacy. Thank you everyone!”

This story was first published on www.lollipop.sg.

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