When Hong Kong actress Christy Chung married Chinese actor-singer Shawn Zhang in November 2016, there were many people who were sceptical about the marriage. 

Chung, 48, and Zhang, 36, met on Chinese dating show Perhaps Love in 2015 and dated for real afterwards. He proposed to her about one year later in June 2016.

It was Chung’s third marriage and Zhang’s first. Chung, who is of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese parentage, has three daughters with her former husbands, British businessman Glen Ross and Taiwanese music producer Jon Yen. 

The pair tied the knot with a spectacular marine-themed wedding that included a ballroom reception with an underwater castle backdrop, and the couple in sparkly outfits that reflected their theme. 

On Thursday (April 11), Chung posted on Weibo four pictures from her wedding photo shoot with Zhang and captioned that she is happy from the heart and is counting her blessings.

She said in the caption: “I will look for reasons to make myself happy. I can dig out some positive things from the past and discover positive things in the present moment. I will also continue to look for positive things in the future.”

Chung is best known for her sizzling onscreen sex siren persona and her starring role as a mermaid in the 1994 movie Mermaid Got Married. She recently appeared in the romantic movie Fall In Love At First Kiss, which starred Taiwanese actor Talu Wang and Chinese actress Jelly Lin. She played Wang’s mother, while local actor Christopher Lee played her husband in the film.

Incidentally, Lin rose to fame after starring in the Stephen Chow-directed movie, The Mermaid, in 2016.

It’s not the celebrity couple’s only wedding photos. They had also taken a Chinese opera-inspired series, and another, a more romantic one of the two frolicking on the high seas.

Images: Christy Chung’s Weibo

A version of this story was originally published on The Straits Times. Additional reporting: Michelle Lee