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It may have been a night of some surprising wins at the TVB Anniversary Awards show held on Sunday (Dec 16), but it was Hong Kong actor-host Edwin Siu’s impromptu marriage announcement that stole the show.

Siu, 41, and Wong, 37, had been dating for three years since playing a couple in TVB drama Madam Cutie on Duty. Siu had as recently as September pooh-poohed the idea of getting married.

Turns out, it’s because they’ve already done the deed.

In his speech after receiving the award for Most Popular Onscreen Partnership, Siu said: “2018 has been a good year for me work-wise, and it has given me plenty of opportunities to shoot outstanding dramas and variety shows.

“In my life, I’ve also made a big decision this year. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my wife, Priscilla Wong.”

His announcement was met by whoops and applause from artistes in the audience, as they spontaneously got on their feet.

Photo: YouTube/TVB

Siu continued: “I’ve been distracted a lot, thinking of romantic ways to surprise my wife, but my brain is limited, and I’m not good with words. I was nervous the whole night. I’ve forgotten what I wanted to thank you for.

“Thank you for teaching me how to look after somebody and to be a better man,” said Siu, before the pair shared a kiss onstage, egged on by their colleagues.

Photo: YouTube/TVB

According to reports, the couple got hitched while on vacation in New Zealand in April, and it was Wong who proposed.

In an interview with On.CC after the awards show, Siu said his first proposal attempt at an amusement park in Europe did not go as planned.

He’d wanted to pop the question at the top of a rollercoaster ride, but Wong wouldn’t open her eyes as she was too scared to look. Afraid that the ring would drop, he was forced to abort the plan.

Wong then took up the mantle and proposed by a river in New Zealand.

On why they kept silent, Siu said that after registering their marriage, too many things happened, including Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan’s wedding, then Ruco Chan also got married to Phoebe Sin, followed by their subsequent baby announcements.

“I felt tonight was the best time to say it,” said Siu in the interview. The pair have no plans yet to hold a formal wedding banquet.

After the ceremony, his wife posted a sweet message on Instagram, revealing that their quirky “wedding rings” fashioned from cutlery were all that they could find at the time.


某時,某地。 他在過山車上向我求婚,我在河邊向他求婚。 某時,某地。 沒有衣香鬢影,沒有氣派場地,就連一對合尺寸的戒指也找不到,然後我們在一個鄉村小市集,找到一對用餐具弄出來的小戒指⋯⋯ 就這樣吧。 那一刻,我們什麼也沒有,但我們擁有了對方。 證婚人問我們,為什麼是對方? 他說,她是那一個,假如到了下輩子,她遺忘了我,我要大力拍拍她的頭,她就會記起我,然後我們又再在一起,她就是那一個人。 我說,他是那一個,每次我跌倒,他總是坐在我身邊,讓我哭着說流血很痛,到靜止下來,然後拖起我,繼續帶着我走,他就是那一個人。 我們給對方的,是陪伴的承諾。 沒有奢華的浪漫,但足夠。 我們不是羅大樹和花萍。 我們不是馮汐然和顧成雙。 我們是蕭正楠和黃翠如。 那一天,天空出現一道彩虹,這是最好的祝福。

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Wong added: “The witness at the ceremony had asked why we chose each other.

“He said, ‘She’s the one, that if she were to forget me in the next life, I’d just have to keep knocking her head hard, and she would remember me, and we would be together again. She’s the one.’

“I said, ‘Every time I fall down, he’s always the one who would be by my side, allowing me to cry and express my pain until I stopped. Then, he would pull me up and bring me along with him. He’s the one.'”

“What we give each other is the promise to accompany one another. No luxurious romance, but it’s enough. We’re not Law Dai Shu or Fa Ping [their characters from Madam Cutie on Duty]. We’re not Fung Chik Yin or Gu Sing Sheung [their characters from Two Steps from Heaven]. We’re Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong.

“On that day, a rainbow appeared in the sky. This is the best blessing.”

This story was first published in AsiaOne.