Jasmine Khoo is engaged to Gideon Ooi, and here’s why she’s blissfully in love with her husband-to-be:

I appreciate and love Gideon because no matter how hard we fight, he has never said anything negative like “we are over” or “let’s end this” etc.

He would tell me to reflect on it if I am in the wrong. When he is at fault, he would actually listen to me after we have both cooled down, noting his mistakes and making an effort to improve.

Gideon has no qualms about putting his ego and pride aside to overcome challenges we face as a couple, and that is something I absolutely love and need him for.

No matter how busy work gets, he would take time to send me messages, letting me know that he misses me, and checking to see if I’ve eaten.  Every day without fail, he would send me good morning and goodnight texts.

He embodies excellent values such as thriftiness when it comes to himself, often eating simple meals.  

“I want to save more money for our future!” – is what he always says, but he willingly pampers me. Like how he brought me to Rise at MBS, and treated me to an amazing buffet dinner for New Year’s Eve.

We are polar opposites in some aspects: he is rational and logical, while I am emotional and imaginative.  Yet somehow amidst all these differences, we share amazing chemistry and are able to complete each other’s sentences.  

I also love how as a couple we connect on so many levels, and I know this chemistry will last us a lifetime.


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